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The Oakland Planning Commission approved Safeway’s plans for expansion, undoubtedly pissing off the Berkeley City Council. At the July 17 meeting, council members declared the Safeway plans a “monster project”, and were united in opposition. But since Safeway is in Oakland, albeit on the Berkeley-Oakland border, the BCC was powerless to stop it. Beware BCC, the monsters are coming. Two-story monsters, that is. To read more details of the plan itself, check here.


A mock-up of what the transformation will look like

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According to BCC, this is what Safeway could turn into — a monster

Well, last night’s Berkeley City Council meeting was a lot less exciting than the previous week’s debacle. Big deal things happened, but the crowd was sparse and the Clog even ended up leaving early due to utter boredom. We guess it can’t be a full-blown Broadway musical every time. Here’s a quick recap: read more »

From the gratuitous abundant food-related posts we’ve got here on the Clog, it’s pretty clear that we’re serious about our noms. And though it may seem like all we ever do is empty our pocketbooks eating at Berkeley’s almost finest, we Cloggers have been known to buy groceries, on occasion. To, you know, make our own food.

Trader Joe’s (University Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way)

Image Source: Ricardo Barton
Image Source: Ricardo Barton

Having a Trader Joe’s so close to campus seems almost criminal — read more »

Our beloved Safeway store (a.k.a. the only name-brand supermarket within a 5-mile radius of campus) on the corner of College and Claremont avenues in the heart of the Rockridge and Elmwood shopping districts has plans for a facelift. No one is pleased.

The 1960′s-esque store plans to double its size and become a 2-story “lifestyle store” with a bakery, pharmacy, full-service meat counter, extensive organic produce section and a flower shop which neighbors worry will destroy the essence of the neighborhood and displace local specialty shops. Sound familiar?

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