Iz economy better yet?And this has got nothing to do with Halloween. Yesterday, U.S. News published a Professors’ Guide column featuring “10 Steps for Thinking About Grad School.” Please note that they didn’t say, “10 Steps to Getting Into Grad School and Having a Successful Life.” No, this list is just for thinking about higher, higher education. Ugh.

The gist is basically that you’ve got to be awesome and all your professors should love you. And your professors should also be pretty awesome, otherwise their recommendations will mean about as much as a recommendation from your parents, which would mean diddly squat. Furthermore, you should have awesome scores on the GREs. Oh, and it helps to be awesome.

Yeah, so if you’re having trouble finding an autumnal event frightening enough for your adrenaline junkie tastes, just try clicking here. It’ll give you the shivers for realsies.

Image Source: Paolo Margari under Creative Commons
10 Steps for Thinking About Grad School [U.S. News]
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Turns out some of our harmless campus crazies are not so harmless after all. Earlier this week, the suspect in an 18-year-old kidnapping case showed up on campus, trying to leaflet about “Schizophenia and God’s Will.”

The man, Phillip Garrido, was stopped and questioned by police, who found that he was a parolee and decided to look into the matter further. And around then was when the plot thickened.

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Finally, a Halloween on a Friday. As you gear up with last year’s strap-on hole-in-a-box for the next social mixer, for trick-or-treating (good luck) or caravan to Santa Barbara, consider dressing up as something else this year: a legend.

Here are a few tips:

Be Scrappy, Not Crappy

If you’ve accumulated crap around your dorm or apartment, consider wearing it. Costume Idea Zone suggests dressing up as a Chia pet (wrap thyself in duct tape sticky side out, and go for a roll down a freshly mown Faculty Glade), a melted snowman (drench thyself and carry around two sticks and a scarf) and static cling (wear random clothes, to which you pin dryer sheets, sock, and undies; for bonus points, make your hair stand on end). About.com also offers endless ideas spawned from a cardboard box or your sweat suit. read more »