newsomNot that we’re judging anyone’s character based on the content of their Twitter account or anything, but there is something to be said of a man who hired his own “new media director” for his 2008 2007 reelection campaign.

San Francisco’s dyslexic mayor Gavin Newson has well over 1.4 million followers, making him “America’s Most Social Mayor“ (but somehow a few thousand shy of Senator McCain). His popularity could have something to do with his boyish good looks frequently updated YouTube channel, his persistent tweets (he live-tweeted his daughter’s birth) or his proclivity to respond to and thank fellow tweeters. read more »

Well, maybe more than just dirt. Puns notwithstanding, Middle Savagery digs much deeper below the surface.

Written by Colleen Morgan, an archaeology Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley, the site is apparently the only blog in the Bay Area devoted to Morgan’s field. Middle Savagery–a name derived from the writings of Lewis H. Morgan–chronicles the life of the awesomely tattooed archaeologist in posts read more »