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Journalism these days is a bit of a scary business—and we’re not just talking about Anderson Cooper’s harrowing trip to Cairo. The fate of the industry as a whole is up for debate; and the topic becomes even more interesting when you throw music into the mix.

Hence “The Future of Music Journalism,” tonight’s panel hosted by UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism in the library of North Gate Hall. Speakers in attendance were read more »

1052303586_35b448ca19Hug a Journalist Day may have just passed, but we know a few journos who could really use a warm embrace. The Daily Planet‘s been reporting about their impending demise for a while, but this is the first time we’ve heard that the Bay Area’s largest and oldest newspaper may the next victim in the Invasion of the Newspaper Snatchers.

The Hearst Corporation, which owns the Chronicle–along with 15 other daily and 49 weekly newspapers–says the Chron lost over $50 million in 2008. The newspaper has suffered “major losses” since 2001, recently raised subscription and single copy fees and plans to make significant cuts to its staff.

Hearst said Tuesday that if the newspaper doesn’t curb losses “quickly,” the company will seek a buyer, and if none comes forward, it will be forced to close. Wow, the Bay Area without the Chron? That’s like LA without purse chihuahuas. So not hot.

Image Source: MarkPritchard under Creative Commons
Hearst wants ‘significant’ cuts at Chronicle [SFGate]


 We at the Clog take a special interest when outsiders give their interpretations of Berkeley. We think their child-like fascination with everything from the food we eat in our dinning commons to the ornaments we have in our trees is … mildly humorous.However, we still haven’t made up our mind on what we think of their fascination with something that is even more mundane than Crossroads or tree-sitters. When these outsiders come to our classes and videotape our lecture because they think Berkeley people are so cute and clever, then they start to just get annoying.Granted, the Astronomy 10 lecture on Halloween with professor Filippenko is an enjoyable time. But who is the Chronicle to claim that the “professor uses performances to hook students on astronomy”?We don’t come to Berkeley because it’s funny. Granted, Berkeley is a funny place. But these are our classes. We get grades for our academic performance in them. And not everyone gets “hooked” on planets because of free candy.This is in no way a jab at prof. Filippenko, whom we appreciate for his humor and free candy. It’s just that when we saw the Chron’s video of the lecture, we suddenly felt very trapped–like there is no escaping our classes, even when we leave them.We were rolling our eyes at what type of boring life a Berkeley-Outsider must lead in order to be fascinated with a one-minute video of an astronomy lecture. Then we found a video posted on YouTube by a Berkeley student of a similar lecture.And we realize that we have no right as Berkeley students to be talking.Image Source: Kelly Tsou, Daily CalProfessor uses performances to hook students on astronomy [SF Gate]