Hai gaiz: story time. So, we’re conducting our daily interwebs perusal for all things worthy of treatment by snark. Said quest takes us to SF Gate and a piece on antimatter atoms. Specifically, a group of UC Berkeley physicists at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab successfully trapped a couple dozen of those babies — and by babies we mean “the stuff that annihilates ordinary matter in a single explosive flash of energy.

Clearly not so much material for satire as really freaking cool. Granted, our familiarity with antimatter is limited to an incredibly superficial understanding of the Big Bang Theory and Star Trek’s ships’ ability to go super duper fast. But it doesn’t take a ton of imagination to grasp the achievement’s staggering implications, such as read more »

1052303586_35b448ca19Hug a Journalist Day may have just passed, but we know a few journos who could really use a warm embrace. The Daily Planet‘s been reporting about their impending demise for a while, but this is the first time we’ve heard that the Bay Area’s largest and oldest newspaper may the next victim in the Invasion of the Newspaper Snatchers.

The Hearst Corporation, which owns the Chronicle–along with 15 other daily and 49 weekly newspapers–says the Chron lost over $50 million in 2008. The newspaper has suffered “major losses” since 2001, recently raised subscription and single copy fees and plans to make significant cuts to its staff.

Hearst said Tuesday that if the newspaper doesn’t curb losses “quickly,” the company will seek a buyer, and if none comes forward, it will be forced to close. Wow, the Bay Area without the Chron? That’s like LA without purse chihuahuas. So not hot.

Image Source: MarkPritchard under Creative Commons
Hearst wants ‘significant’ cuts at Chronicle [SFGate]