busAs Berkeley pedestrians, we at the Clog know all too well about some of the speedy drivers we have around this city. Fortunately for us, we’ve been able to make it across the dicey RSF crosswalk without getting hit by a vehicle (granted we’ve cut it close a couple times). However, one woman was not as lucky.

She was one of two women crossing the intersection of Center Street and Shattuck Avenue when she was allegedly hit and run over by a University of California bus. The woman’s friend was also reportedly injured, when she tried to capture the bus driver’s attention by banging on the windows.

A crowd of people gathered around the scene of the collision as calls poured into the police and Berkeley firefighters collaborated to extract the woman from underneath the bus. The struck woman was sent to a trauma center where she underwent numerous surgeries but is reportedly well and recovered. Let this be a lesson to all drivers to slow down near crosswalks and all pedestrians to keep your eyes peeled. We don’t need any more people under buses, now!

Image Source: zigazou76 under Creative Commons
Women Struck By UC Berkeley Bus in Stable Condition [The Berkeley Daily Planet]

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