que spicy!Dancing. We know you love it (admit it already).  So rather than busting a move behind closed doors and in front of your bathroom mirror, we suggest that you show off your mad skills at the I-House Salsa Social Dance Class that’s happening tomorrow night (Aug. 1 from 8 to 10 p.m.).

Si, amigos, learn the art of Salsa with teacher Tara Acevedo and her co-instructor Jason Ling. They’ll be there to guide you through all the shimmies, shakes and fancy footwork needed to get your groove on.

Everyone’s welcome — don’t worry if you’re an amateur or, god forbid, sans partner — just show up to the I-House (with $10, unless you’re an I-House resident, member or alumnus) and those smooth Latin beats will make all your doubts disappear.

Image Source: dark_mephi under Creative Commons
Salsa Social Dance Class [UC Berkeley Events]