LOOK OUT FOR THE FALLING PENNIES!You probably heard about this, then promptly forgot, but there was a special election this week. Most of the propositions failed miserably. Ergo, more budget cuts. Please, people. You’ve only got yourselves to blame. [Daily Cal]

It’s OK, though, because as keynote convocation speaker Chris Gardner My Last Love movie said, even when it seems like “the sky is falling,” it’s really just “pennies from heaven.” Not to rain on the inspirational parade, here, but wouldn’t being hit by a penny falling from the sky kill you? [NewsCenter]

And while we’re on the subject of things you probably forgot about and pennies, it’s Memorial Day on Monday. This means banks and other things are closed. [SFGate

Boa vs. Python hd

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre rip


Well-played, university. Distracting us with graduation and more budget cuts and stuff so you could slip past the appointment of a new ” … omnivorous … and … infectious … ” director of Cal Performances and play it off as practically uncontroversial. Sly devils. [Daily Cal The Crow video ]

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