On Monday and Tuesday, the Clog noticed a few CalSO (Cal Student Orientation) groups parading through Sproul Plaza and couldn’t help but remember our own CalSO experience: ID cards that make a driver’s license photo look like graduation pictures, informational papers out the wazzoo and yes–doing the Time Warp. read more »


The table that attracted crowds of curious spectators at Telegraph Avenue and Bancroft Way this afternoon was stacked high with petition forms about drug legislation, alternative energy resources and teen safety. But it wasn’t the honorable fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that attracted the attention of passers-by. Nosing among the paper piles were three bright-eyed, soft-muzzled, floppy-eared puppies.

Flocks of cooing girls after the jump. read more »

As summer approaches, various organizations take their last crack at getting our attention. Being a student at this time can be a bit like being a hot girl at 2 a.m. in a frat party.

It wasn’t as bad as the weeks of ASUC elections, but Sproul was more active than usual. The Oaksters, Earth Weekers, and various other ers ardently clamored for our interest. Here are some photos of those who only wanted a little love from an overstressed, apathetic, student body.

Those irrepressible Oaksters. Will they ever learn? RunningWolf was on campus Monday-pimpin’ the trees again. Pimpin’ hasn’t been easy for the Wolf lately. His relationship with the UCPD has, um, soured.

Fortunately for CunningWolf, he managed to wrangle the legal assistance of famous Boalt grad Tony Serra. We know this because, a) we reported it and b) the Wolf told us, “I got Tony Serra representing me,” more than four times when we spoke to him Monday. It’s nice to see a man enthusiastically rep his plea bargain facilitator, though.

Our conversation with the poor man’s Al Gore went well, save for his constantly screaming, “Football doesn’t stop global warming!” Oh, and apparently he wants us to stop driving.

This is a shot of some Oakperson in a were-gorilla costume. He was passing out fliers for a RunningWolf rally. The interesting quirk with this activist is that he never speaks. So basically, he’s like a Silent Bob, but more clean-cut looking.

Tuesday it was time to break out the lumpia. Who doesn’t love a Filipino culture show? This was a shot of a traditional Tinikling dance, which is a bit like a daredevil jump rope. The picture was taken right before the poles closed in on the poor kid’s ankle, sending him sprawling and screaming. We sincerely apologize to our readers for not getting a good picture of that. We’ll tell you that after he tumbled, amused rubber necking students crowded around the fallen Tinikling dancer in milliseconds. Hmm, a man deftly maneuvering through a precarious situation while onlookers secretly hope for disaster. Sounds like Filipino NASCAR to us!

National High Five Day shockingly went off without a glitch. This is a shot of two enthusiastic Berkeley students pulling off the ever-difficult “jumpfive.” So what possesses these kids to stand next to Sather Gate and high five strangers? Eh, probably drugs. Or not enough drugs. It’s got to be one of the two.

Happy 4/20 everybody. The supposedly amazing Berkeley holiday was pretty bland this year. But at least these students seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately, this occasion gets highly overrated in the minds of your friends from high school.

Them: “Duuude, 4/20 in Berkeley must be soooo crazy!”

Now we have photo evidence that proves the day is merely business as usual-with the exception of occasional hand-stander sightings. Oh, and those other kids don’t even know its 4/20. They’re just indie.

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