Is the Clog the best (college) alternative media outlet of 2008? Hellz yes we are!

The Paper Trail has us up in the running for BAMO the second time in a row, and this time we’re asking you to help us win. Because, uh, we didn’t win last time. Sad face.

Also related, Paper Trail nods to the tree-sit once again for being a total nonstory. That right there was our bread and butter for almost two years. Man, we even won this category last year. You know this claim’s legit.

So vote for the Clog for best alternative media outlet (because we are and because we told you to), and while you’re at it, you might as well throw the tree-sitters a bone.

Image Source: joebeone under Creative Commons
Best Alternative Media Outlet 2008 [Paper Trail]
Nonstory of the Year 2008 [Paper Trail]

While you were missing us, here’s something else you might have missed: U.S. News’ The Paper Trail nominated yours truly as “Best Alternative Media Outlet.” They placed a similar honor on The Daily Californian’s Victoria Tang–nominated “Columnist of the Year” for her cheeky thoughts concerning male chivalry.

And as if the tree-sitters don’t get enough attention–they were nominated for being the biggest non-story of 2007 thanks to our extensively whiny coverage. We continue to lament the glacial pace of the judge’s deliberations, along with the tree sitters’ overall irksomeness.

It’s truly a delight for the Clog to be considered among the likes of many prominent Ivy League blogs like the Bwog and Gadfly–but uh, don’t vote for them. Apparently, there’s already some shady business going on with the competition.

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Voting Begins for Best of College Newspapers 2007 [U.S. News]