Say hello to your mother for me. Ba-a-ad news, guys. This adorable Alpine milking goat, Honey, who calls Little Farm in Tilden Park home, has been kidnapped. Yes, that’s what we said: kidnapped. (Sorry– just wanted to make sure you got that.)

Honey has been missing from her pen since early January and the locals are reportedly pissed. So pissed, in fact, that one of them has donated half of the $1,000 reward for information leading to her successful return. The police have pursued a number of possible leads, including a search of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity “due to its previous association with goat theft from the park,” (snicker) but to no avail.

We can only hope that the douche nozzle(s) behind this nonsense are brought to justice soon and that Honey gets back, safe and sound.

P.S. This post goes out to Clogger Valerie Woolard who’s abroad in Bordeaux, France. You can read about her adventures on the Daily Cal’s travel blog. (HI VALERIE!)

Image Source: David Zuckermann, Courtesy
Beloved Goat Missing from Tilden Regional Park [Daily Cal]

But seriously guys, bad jokes aside, this is really sad. Someone up there must have it in for Berkeley representatives of the oak family, what with the stadium/tree-sitter infestation business … and now this?! Yep, oak trees are getting the shaft again, but this time it’s not the result of a petty human squabble–though we’re pretty sure that if we traced it back far enough, the pathogen outbreak plaguing oaks in Tilden Regional Park is probably the fault of mankind, somehow. Yeesh.

The pathogen’s M. O. reads like crappy sci-fi, especially the part where the afflicted oak starts to “ooze sap that resembles human blood from large cankers,” and then the tree’s leaves suddenly turn “from green to brown, immediately preceding the tree’s death.” Excuse us while we go over here and grimace disgustedly for a while. read more »

Is that a running theme we spy? A vegetation fire in Tilden Park jumped the line and ran wild yesterday, leveling groves of oaks and trampling grandma’s flower beds in its delinquent abandon. The burn was supposed to be controlled. Then it wasn’t. Keep in mind that Tilden Park’s located not three miles from the Berkeley campus.

Luckily, courageous firefighters managed to wrestle the fire into submission around late afternoon. The blaze only consumed about 10 more acres than it was supposed to. No homes, structures or squirrels were harmed in the process.

Image Source: judybaxter under Creative Commons
Wind pushes controlled burn over fire line at park near Berkeley [San Jose Mercury News]

Young deer spotted this morning at Shattuck Avenue and Dwight Way. 9-1-1 calls were made, but police weren’t dispatched as the event was not seen as a real problem. Apparently, it’s still all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. [Mercury News]

The Tilden Regional Park has reopened its carousel after 8 months of renovation. Free rides will be offered to first 500 riders during local festivities on Oct. 4 [Contra Costa Times]

Officials discover car in Berkeley believed to be driven by murder suspects of 22-year-old Fairfield Councilman Matt Garcia. Arrests have been made, but police are still searching for 32-year-old suspect Henry Don Williams. [Mercury News]

UC Berkeley scientists set their sights to the sky and discovered a mysterious light source. For 3 months the light got brighter and brighter until it was 120 times its luminosity at the time of its discovery. The light remains unidentified; scientists hope someone else might help to “shed some light on it.” [Fox]

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