It's a metaphor for something, probably.

My roommate used up all the toilet paper. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I went. FML

So says someone at UC Berkeley FML, which has apparently been up since around Nov. 3. But the above comment, like a couple, seem to be general FML posts found across other campus FML sites—like at Stanford or Yale.

But here are some of the (few) for-sure Berkeley FML posts we found. Take them as you will. read more »

Some more sitters of the tree variety set up shop outside Wheeler Hall today, but don’t get them confused with the Oakies. The new treewoks on the block sit for student activism, namely “democratization” of the UC Regents and condemning the BP deal.

OK, fair enough. We’re still not convinced that sitting in a tree will gain anything besides extra police patrolling.

But wait! There’s more! SFist tipped us to another tree-related protest scheduled for tomorrow. Called “Toilet-Trees” (oh so clever), the protest calls out Kimberly-Clark for its clear-cutting practices in producing tissue and toilet paper. In the copy of the press release, SFist points to the claim that “there will be great visuals and photo opportunities!”

Oh shit. Take a look for yourselves:
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