hot Apparently Tony Taccone, the artistic director of the Berkeley Rep, is somewhat of a hot commodity. Emphasis on the hot. The NBC show, “Parenthood,” seemingly set in Berkeley, will feature a character that is similar to Taccone.

Jack Kraft, the artistic director of the Berkeley Theater, will become the love interest of Sarah Braverman, Lauren Graham’s character. Kraft will reportedly be played by “Wings” actor Steven Weber. The couple is supposed to meet when Braverman submits a play to the Berkeley Theater.

Just another day in the life of Tony Taccone: You stage a hit play, a television show creates a handsome character resembling you … the usual.

Image Source: evilnick under Creative Commons
TV character patterned on Berkeley Rep’s artistic director [Berkeleyside]

In the darkest and most chronically disillusioned depths of our souls, we need theatre. What better way to distract oneself from the meaningless drone toward one’s own inevitable and slowly impending demise?

Okay, that was a little heavy. Perhaps Berkeley Repertory Theatre director Tony Taccone says it best: read more »