Just kidding Anoncon, we could never replace you. However this twitter account “flirting-facilitator platform” likealittle comes quite close on the creepiness scale. The great thing about no internet was that people would keep their pervy thoughts to themselves, we hope. Now people get to publish their thoughts to the world, which scarfs it down faster than you can say “that’s creepy bro.”

Here’s how the site works. You basically type in where you are located, the sex and hair color and then you “flirt” aka “I just want to nomnom on you all day long” for example. Yes that was actually posted.

But really, we’re wondering if this actually works. Scenario: you are sitting in Cafe Milano, and need a brief study break, so obviously you go on the Clog site to have a read and stumble upon this article which links you to likealittle. Once there you notice a message ” At Cafe Milano: Male, Brunette. Your chargers hat makes me want to show you my sideboob,” read more »