For you, YudofShocker (not)! Mark Yudof will replace previous UC president Robert Dynes, who sailed through some rough water a while back. Yudof boasts skillz in mastering public high education systems, including University of Texas and University of Minnesota. Now he’s playing with the big boys.

The Chron reports that

he called UC the “premier public university system in the world” and said, “There’s no better job in higher education in America.”

Aw, shucks. But it’s not all rainbows and kittens, we assure you.

Yudof will inherit a large system facing some financial strain from the state, and it seems the UC Board of Regents will bank on Yudof to pull some money out of his ass. He’s a charmer, so it’s said, and this won’t be his first time trying to fill up a piggy bank. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come from our pockets.

Image Source: Badseed under Creative Commons
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It looks like UC President Robert Dynes will get off easy.

Yesterday, the UC Board of Regents approved a report that documented disciplnary action taken against the individuals involved in last year’s compensation scandal.

However, the Daily Cal and the Chron report that the document issued by the Regents did not detail what those exact disciplinary actions entailed and who was disciplined.

Don’t remember the compensation scandal? In a nut shell, top executives within the University of California got compensated without Regents approval, and some rules were bent to go around the Regents and pay for inappropriate things such as extra vacation, bonuses, etc.

This includes Dynes. Dynes himself was found to have at least 20 policy violations during his reign as president; however, the report doesn’t fault Dynes and said that he acted on some really bad advice.

It is clear … that President Dynes’ actions were taken as a result of advice and recommendations from those in positions whose responsibility was to know University policies.

Great, maybe the next time we do something wrong, we should blame the people who told us to do it. And shouldn’t Dynes also know these policies as president of the entire UC system?

This all sounds very shady to us. If the audits from last year found Dynes to have violated some sort of policy, then are the Regents just not looking into the audits themselves? Are the regents just discrediting the audits from last year?

UC also came under fire after a reported pay increase to Dynes’ salary, which he reportedly declined in November. However, UC Regent Judith Hopkinson, chair of the compensation committee, said that the Regents did not offer Dynes a pay increase.

Even more shady! We think the Regents or even President Dynes needs to make an Anonymous Confession. If the Regents continue to muddy the waters in which they operate by not disclosing who was punished or how they were punished, scandals like this can only occur again.

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