phelps tattoo

If you haven’t been keeping up with who’s winning what, Cal has currently won 9 medals — if we were a country, we’d be in 11th place for total medal count. To keep up with Calympics coverage, be sure to check out the Daily Cal’s Sports blog. Meanwhile, the Clog will take a look at some of our favorite Olympic tattoos, starting with Michael Phelps’ dangerously low ring stamp featured above. read more »

nathan adrian 2

Now that former Cal Bear Nathan Adrian has won his first individual Olympic gold medal in the 100m free, everyone is fawning over the adorable new poster boy of U.S. Swimming. The Clog would like to say, for the record, that we liked Adrian before it was cool. Guess that makes us hipster.

This here article by buzzfeed gives a wonderful tribute to the man. NBC should do one of these — we certainly wouldn’t mind.

Image source: istartsexriots, Courtesy