There are still hours left until that midterm, and anxiously deciphering all of those lecture scribblings is just plain tiring. Luckily, one very clever programmer has got us covered.

It’s called “Kick-Ass” and it’s a bookmarklet for your web-browser. Touted as a good way to kill time (and annoying advertisements), the tiny Javascript application turns any webpage you are viewing into the classic game of Asteroids, placing a little triangle on screen — your spaceship — and allowing you to maneuver about whilst utterly obliterating all in your wake. Literally, the content of whatever website you’re visiting becomes your target. And you destroy it. (Read: kick its ass.) Welp, so much for us being productive this afternoon!

We recommend hitting up bspace first thing. All those reading assignments? Vaporized.

Image Source: Kick-Ass running on UC Berkeley’s bspace
Kick-Ass Bookmarklet Turns the Web Into Asteroids [Wired]