At least the new homepage for is better than the last mustard-yellow monstrosity, but we can’t say it’s the best it can be. A few weeks ago, UC Berkeley asked for your honest opinion, and either you didn’t care a pinch or the powers-that-be were too tired to change anything from the beta version.

The new Website sports a cleaner, more modular look. It boasts drop-downs (drop-sides?) and a clean white background. Still, though, we think it’s too text heavy, and dear God, what is that mess on the right? Who in their right mind is going to wade through that white-on-dark tangle of links?

We’ve got to give credit for improvement, but we’d say this site overall lacks cohesion and a larger sense of organization.

Grade: B

UC Berkeley [Website]

If UC Berkeley was really so technologically ahead of the game, you’d think our main website would be at least kind of up to par with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s perfectly uncluttered interface. Currently, it’s not even close. But thanks to our university’s wonderful openness to criticism, you can help change that!

Yep– just got its hair did, and it wants you to be honest.

See the beta phase homepage. If you like the more visible News Center links, or hate the idea of a daily featured Berkeley stock photo, feel free to leave your thoughts here.

Something has to keep students coming to this terrible, crime-ridden hell of a No. 2 public institution of higher learning, and it might as well be a spiffy new website!

Image Source: Photoshopped by Patrici Flores
Take a sneak peak at the new UC Berkeley gateway site [NewsCenter]