oh, vanityOoh, look, the Daily Cal site is all pretty! The redesign, which was in the making for a few semesters, is finally up. We love the design, but the search function is still a little wonky–you can look for articles by specific writers but not by keywords.

Thoughts, anyone?

And speaking of pretty sites, we got a tip from Yaman Salahi via Facebook today concerning his own web design:

I thought you might like to check out the new CalSERVE website that I spent the better half of Spring Break working on. For full disclosure purposes: I am the webmaster as well as one of the party coordinators this semester, so by no means am I an “impartial observer” though I’d like to think I’m not wack. It’s at www.calserve.org. I’m not going to lie, I think it’s the best campus party website so far and I think it blows Student Action’s site out of the water.

Does CalSERVE’s site kick more ass and take more names than that of Student Action? We think only Beetle would really care in this matter.

Image Source: Madfox under Creative Commons
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