DSCN5420We here at The Clog know all about wi-fi, that cool thing that lets you, like, go on the internet and stuff. And we’re assuming that since you’re reading this post online — and not on some wood-pulp-based anachronism — you too are overflowing with tech know-how. Which is why we think you should join us in being excited about the recently announced “Super Wi-Fi.” Sounds pretty sweet, no? But what exactly is it?

Essentially, super wi-fi is the same thing as regular old wi-fi. It still lets you procrastinate through Youtube and Facebook. It still lets you receive tons of junk email. However, this technology purports to greatly improve several aspects of your internet experience. First off, speed: with the F.C.C. predicting download speeds of 15-20mbps (about as fast as a standard cable modem) you’ll be able to waste time with even greater efficiency. Second, range: it’s supposed to be able to extend for several miles, as opposed to the meager yards of our current wi-fi. Cool, right? Super, even! read more »

Berkeley abounds with wireless networks–you just need to know where to go if you want to hog a little net time. Yeah, there’s always AirBears, but what if you don’t want your Internet history on the university’s watch? Not that we’re, uh, doing anything shady …

Wi-Fi FreeSpot has a whole list of wireless hotspots for the student on the go, and now finding your favorite local cafe became that much easier. Below, the full list:

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