A congregation of bunny hopping, chicken dancing, brown-bagging, denim-on-denim-wearing college kids and their mopey girlfriends gathered at Book Zoo last night for The Gutenberg’s mid-release party. Their humble objective? To “provide an alternative journalistic venue dedicated to re-establishing a tradition of integrity and enthusiasm—eradicating the scourge of apathy in Berkeley’s current print culture.” Whew.

Student readings ranged from a blithe Kerouacian account of one boy’s brush with death at the hands of a Craigslist rideshare, Barret Baumgart’s reconciliation of “the books in our back pockets with the shit on our plates,” and a another boy’s stick-it-to-the-Gay-avenger diatribe entitled “There Will Be Blood … and Glitter.” Made us wanna be a Sedaris.

Two local bands played sets. Folk rock outfit Yellow Souls seamlessly wove the word “oscillate” into their lyrics several times, though we still think “seesaw” is a more effective way to convey the same verb. Glass Cake was great too, but we’re suckers for quartets of tank-topped boys accompanying biting, angry female frontwomen. Glass Cake frontwoman, we don’t know your name, but damn you’ve got some pipes.

In other news, go to Book Zoo and buy some goddamn books. The Clog scored three hardback volumes of Proust for ten bucks. Just saying.

Image Souce: wikimedia commons