The worst invention in the history of sports has unveiled its ugliness once again. The BCS (BS for short) poll’s first round of results are in. And after Cal’s win over Wazzu on Saturday afternoon, the Bears aren’t the ones getting screwed this time around (well at least in this first poll).

We’re sure everyone remembers the major screw job the Cal football team faced back in 2004 when Mack-I’m-a-little-whiner-Brown’s Texas team jumped the Bears in the final BCS poll and into the Rose Bowl, exiling Cal to play in the Holiday Bowl.

This time, the Bears are the one’s befitting from a ridiculous computer formula, edging Tennessee (yes, the same Vols team who gave Cal a nice little kick of Southern hospitality in the season-opener) in the first poll.

What helps the Bears is that the average computer score ranks them as the sixth best team in the nation, when both human polls have them at 11.

Though it pains us that the BCS does matter in the world of college football, it will just be an afterthought for Cal – that’s if it can get past ’SC in a few weeks.


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