No Cal football this weekend – the Bears are hopefully getting the day off, relaxing and catching up on homework. Okay, maybe they’re not catching up on work, but maybe they get the day to rest some of those sore bodies.

And this weekend in college football resembles much like last weekend before all those great games went down to the wire – “boring”: Only one match between ranked teams with Oklahoma traveling to Mizzou. The Pac-10 is also a yes-you-don’t-have-to-watch-weekend with only seven members in action and one of them – Oregon – playing Portland State.

So, while we want to drill a nail into our heads after watching this looks-to-be-mind-numbing day of college football, get off your asses and do something. Leave the couch-potato-ing to us and just be happy that “No. 10 Clemson lost Thursday night”:

*We’ll also have a full recap of all of the day’s action that pertains to Bears football sometime today so you don’t have to waste a day watching this horrible football.*


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