Who needs Leon Powe when you can play good defense?

After what “Cal did yesterday”:http://www.dailycal.org/sharticle.php?id=22462, this whole Powe-going-pro thing may not be too bad after all.

The Bears played great defensively, holding Bob-DUI-Huggins’ Kansas State team to under 50 points.

You’ll say, “But wait, it’s only Kansas State.” And then we say, “But wait, Huggins led Cincinnati to a Final Four appearance way back in the day and has gone dancing every year he was with the Bearcats.”

Yeah, last night was impressive. Most impressive.

We at Cal have had our run-ins with campus administration before. In fact, the Daily Cal had its own dispute with the suits in Sproul Hall, hence the “Daily Cal’s independence”:http://www.dailycal.org/about.php from UC Berkeley.

Well, our counterparts at USC may be heading into a similar struggle after this:

Zach Fox, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Trojan, “has stepped down”:http://media.www.dailytrojan.com/media/storage/paper679/news/2006/11/29/News/Editor.In.Chief.Resigns.From.Post.After.Clashing.With.Administration-2512052.shtml?sourcedomain=www.dailytrojan.com&MIIHost=media.collegepublisher.com because his re-election bid has been blocked by campus officials.

The changes that Fox wanted to make at the Daily Trojan seemed too radical for USC’s administration.

It isn’t wrong for the editor-in-chief of a newspaper to ask where all of his paper’s money comes from and how it’s spent. It isn’t wrong for the editor-in-chief of a student paper to make changes to model his paper after professional newspapers.

With Fox’s firing, it sends the message that while the Daily Trojan may be staffed by students, the students have no real say in the operations of their own newspaper and that the concerns of those student reporters are not concerns to the administration.

In re-electing Fox as editor-in-chief, the staff of the Daily Trojan stated that they believed in Fox’s changes. For the administration to not even look at his nomination is a sign of a lack of respect for the student journalists.

And Fox’s firing has to mean that he was actually getting somewhere; that his pursuit for change may have been able to uncover some dirty little secrets that USC’s top brass didn’t what its students to know.

Here’s “an editorial”:http://www.dailytrojan.com/media/storage/paper679/news/2006/11/29/Opinions/Editors.Firing.A.Sad.Day.For.The.Dt.Usc-2511756.shtml?norewrite200611300215&sourcedomain=www.dailytrojan.com by the editors of the Daily Trojan.

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Exclusive sources at UCLA have come through for the Daily Clog again, this time with the Facebook profile of the much beleaguered and oft-tasered student Mostafa Tabatabainejad. It isn’t quite the gold mine that Oren “The Giver” Gabriel’s was, but after some quiet judgment, we’ve decided that Mostafa is a man behind whom we can stand in staunch support.

What’s not to like? Mostafa is just a simple man who likes to dance but isn’t gay. We note that he may have a history of run-ins with the government–

–but in this mad, mad world, Mostafa’s fondness for cartoons and children’s books has melted our hearts.

Sources close to the Clog have revealed Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard’s newest incentive to get select students to complete a survey. It appears OSL has put everything on the line:

bq. Be entered to WIN one of three $100 donations to a student group fund of your choice and lunch with me.

The thought of an inspiring brown bag with Dean Poullard has us hungry for more information: Do we have to share him with the other winners? We might not be able to stomach the thought of missing out on exclusivity, but serve us up a big helping of not interested.

Until now, we haven’t said much about digital phoenix Calstuff’s latest reincarnation. The problem is, there hasn’t been much to say. With posts on subjects like PETA, the homeless, steel walls, and professors winning awards, it’s like the Daily Cal online. We’re sure Calstuff’s collective mouth of one is watering at the prospect of this story on traffic circles.

But the point here is that mother Calstuff, Christine B., actually has a most excellent sex blog. We’ve also seen ads in the Daily Cal looking for a SOT. Inside sources tell us that current columnist Akiko Ezuka is not returning in the spring.

The confluence of these auspicious events brings The Daily Clog, as a public service, to call for Christine to be the next Sex on Tuesday columnist. Christine, just do it. It’s time to put action to your words:

bq. Christine hopes to write for the column next year. This blog that she has created is a response to the current column and an alternative read for Berkeley students and any other Internet surfers.

Help us peer pressure Christine by sending your endorsements to “[email protected]”:[email protected]

Not every Facebook group is a winner, let’s face it. If you want to be succesful in the dog-eat-dog world of Internetry, you have to be able to appeal to a wide variety of people; and, if the “Facebook Legends”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200946359 group is any indication, the best ways to do that are either to appeal to sources of mutual pride like “going to public school”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200279745, or totally being from “NorCal”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200069973, reminisce about old pleasures like “the Oregon Trail”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200347071 or promote new ones (Some people like the Daily Show? “That’s CRAZY”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200071244), or just friggin’ whine about how you can’t find some “hott girl”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200297656 you saw, or you “don’t sleep enough”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200166877.

And then there’s the other end of the spectrum, the people who just narrow their scope a little too much. Like “Chinese People from Iowa”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200732203, which lists, as examples of (non-Chinese) Iowans, Herbert Hoover (President during the beginning of the Great Depression), Jean-Luc Picard (Who, alert readers might note, is actually a fictional character, and, even if he were real, is from France anyway), and John Wayne (Alright, we’ll give them this one). Membership: Three. And this is a global group.

Or this group, dedicated to how “no one really knows their hometowns exist”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2203957254. Membership: Two. Evidently, “only 16 people love Hungary”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2200435174, and only one person’s “best friend goes to another school”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2203921563.

Another good way to ensure low membership: burn out the description of your overly complicated plan in the title of your group. “California should secede, OH AND ALSO, Northern California should secede”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2213348913. Um, okay. Membership: 12. Or just be a dick and proclaim your intention to “constantly purge your friend rolls”:http://berkeley.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2213605310. Membership: 2.

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WOMB is a breakdown of thoughts gestating at UC Berkeley as revealed through the Livejournal community.

Today’s opening of Chipotle has sent shockwaves through the community for the past two days. Besides distracting the Livejournal community from its usual banalities of tests, professors, and the classes for which professors give tests, Chipotle has set a new record for most ridiculous line in Berkeley.

EB Games mustered 19 people on the morning the PS3 was released. Chipotle mustered more than an estimated 100 with a line that stretched down Telegraph, past the Bank of America, and around the corner as of 12:15 p.m. For a free burrito. Meanwhile, the line at La Burrita didn’t stretch out the door.

In order to expedite the removal of independent businesses from Southside, The Daily Clog has compiled a list of chain businesses for which the community should patronize exclusively after the jump.

# Urban Outfitters
# Carvel
# EB Games
# Peet’s Coffee (2 locations!)
# Hot Topic
# Noah’s Bagels
# Wells Fargo
# Adidas
# Mrs. Fields
# Jamba Juice
# American Apparel
# Bank of America
# Quizno’s
# Subway
# Walgreens (coming soon!)
# Starbucks (a future possibility!)

Was your burrito worth it? Tell us at “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

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Okay, “it’s official”:http://www.dailycal.org/sharticle.php?id=22436. Circle December 28th on your calendars and buy those fun fares from Southwest before it’s too late.

Cal goes back to the “Holiday Bowl”:http://www.holidaybowl.com for the second time in three years.

The postseason berth also gives the Bears an unprecedented four straight berths to a bowl game. Wooped-dee-doo! And none of them were to the Rose Bowl.

Four consecutive bowls is great. It’s a fine achievement. But it’s in an era where there are over 30 bowls a year. This year there are 32. That’s 64 guaranteed teams that get to go bowling this year.

What separates Cal from the Mid Tennessee States and the East Carolina’s? All three are going bowling. And are we supposed to believe that the Holiday Bowl is a better bowl than the Poinsettia Bowl or the Motor City Bowl?

Oh, and remember this little tidbit: Jeff Tedford hasn’t won a game in SoCal since he’s been the head coach at Cal.

We have it on poor information from the Livejournal community that Chipotle is not only now open, but also giving out food gratis.

Sources close to the Clog said that the “Mexican” chain was opening its new location on Telegraph Avenue, where Greg’s Pizza used to be, this Thursday. It’s a good thing we don’t believe our sources.

This public service brought to you by the Clog. Got any caliente tips? Send ‘em here: “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

So, we were going to run a Big Game preview showdown type thing this week, much like we did for the “‘SC matchup”:http://clog.dailycal.org/sports/battle-for-the-roses-preview-intangibles, but then we came to the conclusion that Cal would have the advantage in everything.

Then we thought we’d start our countdown of the top Big Games, but then we found a few nifty little remarks here and there about the Big Game today.

Our friends at “thebandisoutonthefield.com”:http://www.thebandisoutonthefield.com/story/2006/11/28/22649/934 and “Art Spander of the Oakland Trib”:http://www.insidebayarea.com/sports/ci_4732799 both say what we think everyone thinks about this year’s Big Game; the Big Game is meaningless.

Except for the Old Blues who remember the last time winning the Big Game meant going to the Rose Bowl or for the few Rally Commers who have to pass out those annoying bonfire rally flyers on Sproul, this Big Game really isn’t big.

The game has lost its luster. If Saturday’s game weren’t the 109th meeting between Stanfurd and Cal, then it wouldn’t be on T.V., it wouldn’t have any special meaning.

Who would want to watch a 1-10 team play an 8-3 team that’s choked the last two weeks anyway?

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