Here at UC Berkeley, we have a reputation for being pretty anti-authority. But I think even the most jaded of our commies will be pretty shocked by this video:

According to The Daily Bruin, UCLA student Mostafa Tabatabainejad was hand-cuffed and tasered over four times by UCLA campus police when he failed to produce his student ID in a library computer lab. Wtf?

Click for more instances of “wtf?” after the jump.

Tabatabainejad was stunned by a taser even when he was handcuffed, despite stating to the campus police that he was complying with their demands. Several nearby students attempted to intervene, asking the officers for their ID numbers– to which one cop responded that they’d “get Tased too.”

UCLA UCPD Assistant Chief of Police Jeff Young asserts that the police had no way of knowing whether Tabatabainejad was armed or if he was even a student. If you refer to the video, you can clearly see how suspicious and un-student-like Tabatabainejad looks in his white shirt and blue jeans.

By the end of the video, the police have pretty much got the beginnings of a riot on their hands. We’ve really gotta hand it to those two cops for not being able to peaceably handle such delicate situations as escorting ID-less students out of a computer lab.

UCLA, if you find yourself in need of a copwatch program, you know where to look. Your comrades in Berkeley will be very glad to help.


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