It’s the time of year for bad presents and fruitcake again. The Clog staff would like to show its appreciation with a final rehash. Hopefully, this will be enough to feed your gossip appetites until the new Welcome Week.

We gave you the first NorCal -tase- taste of UCLA’s shocking incident that incited sympathy protests, and rapid facebook group membership. This, however, could only be sandwiched in popularity between you and yourself. Maybe the POTY mouth did get it right.

But we covered a lot more than copping out in our first semester. ‘Super-applicants’ reigned despite dissing Berkeley and even beat out Christine’s amazing sex. No word yet on who the new SOT will be.

The Daily Cal rocked almost everywhere, sans Booty, in the Ink Bowl. And in addition to not being a hater of the free press, The Daily Clog proved that it was undeniably the shit.

Nootropics said:
Mar 23, 2012 at 11:06 am

Great blog, I love your inventive and detailed work. Please keep up the posts and I will be back to check up on you ;)