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With videos like this, that will be e-mailed widely yet interest for only 3:56 seconds, it’s best to just get them out of the way now. Not related to chicken tikka, a capella group Penn Masala brings you this Desi-ized Latin jam.

Enrique Iglesias had a hit with “Hero” and now it has been parodied into a Facebook stalking anthem asking the all important question “If I poked you, would you poke me back?” The answer is no.

The video is a little too Lion King for our tastes (we didn’t know you could sample “The Circle of Life”), but if you have something better hit us up at “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

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Yesterday we told you how the Stanford Daily did a “good old-fashioned freak nasty with the truth”:

Today we give you the Clog’s first image of suspended Managing News Editor David “give me a couple highballs and call me a hero” Herbert.

It’s like sexiness and integrity rolled up into a succulent package.


No matter the size of a newspaper, writers in the write-whatever-the-fuck-I-want department are able to conjure the best pie in the sky ideas paraded as starters of dialogue. So when The Chron suggested the Bears play in Oakland, it wasn’t really suprising. But it was offensive.

bq. What location might work for all three? Why, the Oakland Coliseum site, of course. It’s smack in the center of the region with a BART station, great freeway access, a big flat asphalt parking lot for tailgating and a tenuous future with the departure of the A’s. Best of all, not a single precious oak tree would have to be disturbed.

The Chron isn’t the only one with pragmatic solutions, however.

Let Oakgate continue. Taking Cal football out of Berkeley would not only prevent thrice as many new oaks from being planted but also lead to a dearth of intense competition, which only a student athlete high performance center could provide.

While our football team is winning year after year with a dedicated coach, San Francisco is busy trying to make its problems ours. May we suggest instead a football for homeless exchange program? Perhaps moving the annual bonfire rally to an Oakland neighborhood would be a good idea, too.

No, we like our contained, spirit all aflame up in Berkeley. When we proudly claim that this is Bear Territory, it should be on Bear Territory.

Editorial: The 3-in-1 Solution [SF Gate]

Everyone knows that one of the demands of Cal football coach Jeff Tedford is the modernization of the athletic facilities. He knows and we know that if Cal continues to have to worst facilities in the Pac-10, that the Bears will always play second fiddle to somebody.

So, of course when the “injunction on the stadium renovation”: was handed down yesterday, there was going to be a panic.

Tedford only agreed to a contract extension. He still hasn’t signed it. And hasn’t he always talked about wanting new facilities? WILL TEDFORD LEAVE?!!!

Well, he just told the San Francisco Chronicle a big fat NO.

bq. “Anybody who’s asking those questions is very uneducated to my feelings to Cal and this program,” Tedford said. “My commitment is unwavering. My commitment is 100 percent to Cal. I’m not panicking. I’m not fazed by this at all. I want those statements to be clear to our players, our recruits and anyone else who is wondering.”

So those we and those intrepid Rally Commers can take a big sigh of relief for now. Memorial’s Mastermind isn’t leaving. At least not yet. But if he does, we’ve pretty much got those tree-huggers to thank.

Tedford’s reaction: ‘I’m not panicking’ [SF Gate]
Earlier: “Judge Orders Injunction to Stop Stadium Renovation”:, “Tedford Agrees to Four More Years”:

The Chron reports that the D.A. over Marshawn Lynch’s case has decided not to press charges, citing a lack of evidence and inconsistent statements to police.

You know the allegations are tenuous when it’s resolved after one day. But just how thread-like were they?

* A mutual friend told police the incident didn’t happen.
* No signs of injury.
* No photographs to document injury.

No one is saying the accuser wasn’t full of shit, but the D.A. must act responsibly:

bq. “No one is saying that the victim isn’t entitled to the feelings she’s having, but I have an ethical obligation,” she said. “If I don’t believe I can prove it to 12 jurors, then I can’t ethically charge the case.”

But the accusations don’t stop. She also said that she was supposed to go to the NFL, whatever that means:

bq. “He told me I f — everything up, that we were supposed to get married, and ‘You were supposed to come with me to the NFL,’ ” said the woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

D.A. Won’t File Charges Against Cal Star [SF Gate]
Earlier: Lynch Accused of Not-So-Money Actions

As if getting an “old-fashioned ass-whooping courtesy of the Daily Cal”: wasn’t enough, the Stanford Daily just added yet another notch to its shame belt.

The Daily suspended Managing News Editor David Herbert last week after he admitted lying to the paper about his own heroics abroad an airliner. His tall tale appeared in a story last Monday, for which the paper issued a correction/retraction/apology the next day.

Herbert, co-captain of the Stanford men’s squash team that was on the flight, claimed he helped restrain a violent passenger.

In reality the alcoholically lubricated editor, far from providing heroic assistance, made things worse by verbally abusing the unruly passenger.

It would be easy to castigate the Stanford Daily for shitting on journalistic standards, but we’re inclined to cut them a little slack. Clearly, the Daily’s staff remains too traumatized from their Ink Bowl loss to properly run a student newsletter, let alone scrutinize a self-aggrandizing news story.

Original story: On plane, squash to the rescue [Stanford Daily]

Correction: Squash story contained inaccuracies [Stanford Daily]

Public editor responds: [Stanford Daily]

The Daily Cal’s careers issue hit newsracks this morning. Inside is a story by former Clog contributor Angie Baecker about your dismal future in a publishing career, among other things.

It’s akin to the giant warning sign that US News and World Report’s 10 most overrated careers in 2007 is. Imagine being POed in 30 years because you decided to be a PO at the age of 22. Then read on.

Educated Nation did all the work for us:

Top Overrated Careers + Alternatives

1. Advertising Executive
Alternative – social marketing

2. Attorney
Alternative – mediation

3. Chef
Alternative – personal chef

4. Chiropractor
Alternative – physician assistant

5. Nonprofit Manager
Alternative – philanthropist

6. Police Officer
Alternative – homeland security official

7. Psychologist
Alternative – personal coach

8. Real Estate Agent
Alternative – sales for higher demand products

9. Small Business Owner
Alternative – #2 person in someone else’s small business

10. Teacher
Alternative – corporate trainer, adult ESL teacher, tutor

So what’s not overrated you ask? Well, there’s also the 25 best careers. We’re raking them by median salary.

1. Physician, $151K
2. Dentist, $121K
3. Higher Education Administrator, $110K
4. Pharmacist, $99K
5. Optometrist, $98K
6. Management Consultant, $96K
7. Medical Scientist, $88K
8. Fundraiser, $79K
9. Clergy, $79K
10. Physician Assistant, $78K
11. Actuary, $75K
12. Professor, $74K
13. Engineer, $72K
14. Systems Analyst, $70K
15. School Psychologist, $63K
16. Audiologist, $62K
17. Occupational Therapist, $61K
18. Registered Nurse, $59K
19. Speech-Language Therapist, $58K
20. Editor, $52K
21. Landscape Architect, $50K
22. Librarian, $50
23. Architect, $47
24. Urban/Regional Planner, $38K
25. Politician, N/A

The Most Overrated Careers [US News]
Best Careers 2007 [US News]

Looks like those “old ladies”:, tightwaders, tree-huggers and Running-Wolf have won, for now.

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Barbara Miller has issued an injunction to stop the renovation of Memorial Stadium.

Miller held a hearing last Tuesday but held off on making her decision public until today.

Look for more coverage in the Daily Cal tomorrow.

Judge issues injunction against UC stadium plan [ "SF Gate": ]

We guess when you want to head to the pros, you have to make pro-sports-type headlines.

Or maybe when you fizzle out at the end of the season the way Marshawn “Not-So-Money” Lynch did at the end of his career (not counting the Holiday Bowl) or if you come from a school that’s not U$C, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame (the list goes on and on), then you have to make some sort of name for yourself.

KCBS is reporting that Lynch has been accused of domestic violence and sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend. Oh snap! That’s making headlines, kind of.

What gets to us about all of this is that, according to KCBS, the report filed against Lynch was filed on December 19. That was a whole nine days before the Holiday Bowl and the incident supposedly took place on December 13. Shouldn’t this have prevented Lynch from at least starting that game in San Diego or maybe even being suspended from it? Sounds kind of iffy to us.

Look for full coverage in the Daily Cal tomorrow.

Cal Football Star Accused of Assault on Ex Girlfriend [ "KCBS": ]

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