Usually when walking down Shattuck we try to walk as quickly as possible, zig-zagging between homeless people and slow walkers. We pass the sketchy businesses and empty store fronts.

But now the Chron gives us cause to stop. It claims the Shattuck Down Low is a happening place for the East Bay. Who knew this treasure was in our backyard?

The pics show a couple in an oversized chair trying to dig the tongue out of the other person’s throat. Maybe we’re partial, but it’d be a lot hotter if they were covered in newspaper and looked under 30.

The music varies from day to day, featuring salsa Wednesdays, hip hop, Brazillian parties, reggae, touring performers, and karaoke Tuesdays.

bq. In classic Berkeley fashion, the Down Low puts people before profit. “If we really didn’t care about the integrity of the music, we could just have DJs and probably make more money,” Martinez says.

Putting their money where their mouth is, your Cal ID waives the cover charge on most nights. The owner says students make up 25-30% of the clientle.

It’s hopping at Berkeley’s Down Low. Who needs San Francisco? [SF Gate]
Events Calendar [Shattuck Down Low]

Anyone who’s stepped foot in Berkeley knows that it’s one of the most “green,” sustainable cities in the entire country.

But now Berkeley is one of the “CleanTech”-iest cities in America – No. 3 to be more exact. reports that Berkeley is one of five cities on “SustainLane’s inaugural cleantech list”:

The criteria of being a “cleantech” city consisted of a cities ability to lure capital and businesses that are doing research in sustainability efforts, or are just sustainable all by themselves.

Why did Berkeley make the list? It’s simple and the answer is UC Berkeley. It seems that that $500 million grant that Cal got from BP made a significant impression on those SustainLane people.

And here we are with people trying to convince us that BP’s money is bad.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

San Jose, Berkeley cleanest, tech wise [Inside Bay Area]

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for: comments! Don’t hold back now. We know you’ve got some thoughts stewing up there in your brain.

Please keep your comments interesting. We have professors to bore us. This is all on you now.

May we make a recommendation? Tell us what you think about Christine.

The day has come and its official, Marshawn Lynch isn’t going to wear that Cal logo on his helmet next year.

Running backs day at the combine was yesterday and, “Lynch really didn’t do too badly”:

He didn’t do too great either. He was Money, kind of and not-so-Money, kind of. He came as expected. Whether or not this hurts his draft stock still comes to be seen.

Still, “’s draft board”: has Marshawn going to join the Golden Boy, Aaron Rodgers, in Green Bay with pick 16.

To make those rumors even sexier is a nice little piece from Wisconsin State Journal concerning his recent “not-so-Money” allegations. (Thanks to “”: for pointing it out.)

We’ll just say that the journal gave Marshawn a positive look after all that “negative press”: he got a couple of weeks ago.

Straight-ahead style for Lynch []

For a while, it was all sunshine and smiles in Berkeley. We were really liking that. But today sucked.

The thunder was pretty cool, we have to admit, but the hail was uncalled for. Damn it, weather gods, you’re going to ruin our leather Prada bag. And we’re not going to take it.

In fact, we’re leaving. We’d rather be somewhere else right now, thankyouverymuch. You see what you’ve made us do? Berkeley ain’t the only campus around, you know.

* A Penn State columnist for the Daily Collegian was fired for his Facebook comments. Zach Good had joined a group opposed to a dance marathon raising money for cancer research, and his fellow students came with pitchforks raised. He should have just posed semi-naked. Then again, he wasn’t a sexy sex columnist. [U.S. News Paper Trail]

* At DePauw University in Indiana, the sorority Delta Zeta has effectively gotten rid of about 6/7 of its members in a counterintuitive effort to battle declining membership. The national chapter “re-evaluated” DePauw’s sisters and evicted all members who were not sorority-pretty. Basically, anyone who was overweight got the boot. [New York Times]

* Last but certainly not least, one Duke student deserves a Nobel Prize or something. Why, you ask? Because the dude invented a beer-launching fridge. Let us repeat that. He invented a fridge that brings the beer to you. Because, you know, it’s hard to make that walk after your seventh brewski. We hope you like lots of foam. [Personal Duke page]

Remember that weird throat slashing near the Berkeley Rose Garden that captured our attention two years ago? Yea, we sort of forgot about it too, since we were still breathing and all. The world moves on—except if you’re in the court system.

The Chron reports that the former mental health worker Hamaseh Kianfar who drove the getaway car for the mentally disturbed teenager who never said a word to the 75-year-old woman whom she slit the throat of was finally sentenced today.

The verdict was noticably light on jail time: five years probation, 30 days with a sheriff’s work detail and 2,000 hours of community service.

Deputy District Attorney Connie Campbell sounded livid as she vented to the Chron:

bq. “She has yet to truly take responsibility for what she did,” Campbell said. “She paints herself as a kind of hero for calling police. Her story is replete with lies that are completely inconsistent with the facts.”

Former mental health worker gets probation in Berkeley slashing [SF Gate]

In case you’re done being distracted by Christine (but really, how could you), the Daily Cal introduced daily Sudoku this morning. The Clog is all for fun and games.

In fact, there’s also the Travel Issue that hit stands today. It’s packed with eye candy that an online read just can’t do justice. So trust us on this one, pick it up.

And last but not least, The Clog may not be done blowing your mind yet today. If all goes well, there’ll be a lot more somethin’ somethin’ soon.

Ever wonder what happens when sultry Sex on Tuesday columnist “Christine Borden”:, the Clog and a camera get together in a co-op basement guest room? Sexy comes back without an invitation, and it’s not leaving. So please, before you continue reading, open some windows. It’s about to get hot.

After a week of steamy negotiations between Borden and us, the stage was set for the hottest photo shoot in recent if not all of Daily Cal history: Sex on Tuesday covered in newspaper flowers.

While it may sound like fun and games, we assure you that cutting out scores of newspaper flowers and sticking them to the skin of a sex icon is hard work. We placed each flower with care, including strategically located cutouts of Dick Cheney and Leonardo Dicaprio. But we persevered and soon started to shoot in the seedy Sherman co-op guest room.

Lying atop the bed, Borden endured the room’s bone-chilling cold as we throughly went over her with an ultra wide angle lens, which required us to be only inches away.

The resulting intimate dialog between Christine and the camera takes sexy to new heights. She isn’t just Sex on Tuesday; she’s sex on every day of the week.

Almost 100 photos later, we had to call it quits. Quite frankly, it was getting too hot.

Here are the hottest cuts from the shoot. Click on the thumbnails to Christine in fuller glory.

But we’re not ones to shoot and then duck for cover. Today we caught up with Christine for a little pillow talk.

Clog: Why did you agree to subject yourself to a somewhat-erotic photo shoot?

Christine: I’m just that hot.

Clog: Indeed. There are a lot of hot people out there …er… not a lot..uh. you’re a unique brand of hot, but there are other hot people who don’t do this sort of thing.

Christine: I don’t know, I always wanted to take some naked pictures of myself.

Clog: Fair enough. So how did you find the shoot?

Christine: Unexpectedly pleasurable. (She leaves momentarily to melt some butter).

Clog: Did you use a microwave or your own hotness to melt the butter?

Christine: I stuffed it down my shirt.

Clog: Hot.

Not to say that we told you so, but it looks like ZRW may have some violent tendencies. The Oakgate activist was arrested “on charges of making threats against a police officer,” sort of like what he did in the Planet last week as one of you pointed out. That didn’t take long.

How much would you pay to bail out an oak tree activist? ZRW’s worth $40,000 in bail money, which is a lot for one tree-sitter. It might even be cheaper to rent a few to fill in, but the Clog doesn’t want to get blamed for spreading protest tactics.

ZRW will be arraigned later today. Can’t wait.

Protest Leader Arrested After Alleged Threats [Daily Cal]

They would tell you how beautiful and gorgeous you all are. No seriously. Just venture into the women’s restroom of Dwinelle Hall and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

We don’t know what it is about having to sit down to pee, but something about it makes women feel like they need to let it all out. Stories of rape, love, support and anger color the walls. Even toilet paper dispensers become someone’s personal tablet.

Are the messages scrawled in the restrooms meaningful? Or are they remnants of a high school pastime, the last mark of teenage years?

Some are serious, garnering responses from other visitors and creating a sort of restroom community.

It’s different from high school, though. There aren’t insults or insinuations that so-and-so is a whore. No, most of the scribblings reflect on love. And vibrators.

But which one is our favorite? That’s easy.

Freshman is sucks indeed.

Browse the thumbnails to see what the ladies are talking about.

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