We occasionally miss absurity in the news, but we have “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected] for you to tell us what was left out. Some of you make this too easy for us. One ardent and loyal reader sent this in:

I know it isn’t fashionable for you guys to be reading the Berkeley Daily Planet, but imagine my surprise while skimming it waiting for BART to see Zachary “Batshit Crazy” RunningWolf threaten UCPD with violence after his most recent arrest. It looks like weeks of subsisting only on tree bark and sap have made him even more deranged, prompting him to issue the following blog-post gold mine:

bq. “I am going back into the tree,” he said after his release. “I told them that if they go into the tree after me, I will see it as a threat and respond accordingly. If they attack me, they are attacking my entire community.”

If ZRW ever had to deliver on this threat, it would make the whole oak grove circus much, much more entertaining.

Thank you our favorite, impassioned letter writer.

Oak Grove May Be Native American Burial Site [Berkeley Daily Planet]


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