The college football season ended about 48 days ago. Let’s say that again: FOURTY-EIGHT DAYS AGO! And already, every online publication possible is trying to predict how the 2007 college football will go down.

U$uC watch: Already people are nabbing the Trojans to get to the BCS title game. At least Mark Schlabach over at is doing so.

So, if U$C gets to play for the national title in New Orleans next year, where does that leave Cal?

Well, (via Yahoo! Sports) has the Bears finishing second (again) to the Trojans in the Pac-10.

Great that would be the third time in four years and all Jeff Tedford can get Cal to be is the bridesmaid of the conference.

If Schlabach is right, however, then the Bears lose to ‘SC but finish second in the Pac-10 and get to visit the Rose Bowl for the second time in the 2007 season (the Bears travel to Pasadena to play fUCLA).

Wow! A Rose Bowl bid?! It’s not like we haven’t heard that before. Let’s hope that happens, even though San Diego is a nice place to be in December, we’re sure Tedford is tired of playing in the Holiday Bowl.

Will this be the year Cal finally gets back to the Granddaddy of Them All? Shout off at “[email protected]”:mailto:[email protected]

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