Remember that weird throat slashing near the Berkeley Rose Garden that captured our attention two years ago? Yea, we sort of forgot about it too, since we were still breathing and all. The world moves on—except if you’re in the court system.

The Chron reports that the former mental health worker Hamaseh Kianfar who drove the getaway car for the mentally disturbed teenager who never said a word to the 75-year-old woman whom she slit the throat of was finally sentenced today.

The verdict was noticably light on jail time: five years probation, 30 days with a sheriff’s work detail and 2,000 hours of community service.

Deputy District Attorney Connie Campbell sounded livid as she vented to the Chron:

bq. “She has yet to truly take responsibility for what she did,” Campbell said. “She paints herself as a kind of hero for calling police. Her story is replete with lies that are completely inconsistent with the facts.”

Former mental health worker gets probation in Berkeley slashing [SF Gate]


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