The day has come and its official, Marshawn Lynch isn’t going to wear that Cal logo on his helmet next year.

Running backs day at the combine was yesterday and, “Lynch really didn’t do too badly”:

He didn’t do too great either. He was Money, kind of and not-so-Money, kind of. He came as expected. Whether or not this hurts his draft stock still comes to be seen.

Still, “’s draft board”: has Marshawn going to join the Golden Boy, Aaron Rodgers, in Green Bay with pick 16.

To make those rumors even sexier is a nice little piece from Wisconsin State Journal concerning his recent “not-so-Money” allegations. (Thanks to “”: for pointing it out.)

We’ll just say that the journal gave Marshawn a positive look after all that “negative press”: he got a couple of weeks ago.

Straight-ahead style for Lynch []


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