Anyone who’s stepped foot in Berkeley knows that it’s one of the most “green,” sustainable cities in the entire country.

But now Berkeley is one of the “CleanTech”-iest cities in America – No. 3 to be more exact. reports that Berkeley is one of five cities on “SustainLane’s inaugural cleantech list”:

The criteria of being a “cleantech” city consisted of a cities ability to lure capital and businesses that are doing research in sustainability efforts, or are just sustainable all by themselves.

Why did Berkeley make the list? It’s simple and the answer is UC Berkeley. It seems that that $500 million grant that Cal got from BP made a significant impression on those SustainLane people.

And here we are with people trying to convince us that BP’s money is bad.

Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

San Jose, Berkeley cleanest, tech wise [Inside Bay Area]


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