Last time Facebook changed things up, there was major hate. You know, that whole newsfeed drama? Then the hoopla died down and we went back to being happy stalkers.

For 2007, Facebook’s adding more, changing the interface a little and making it easier to see what’s happening in your own network. Houston, we have pictures. (Click the one to the right for the total experience.)

Facebook has created a group called “Facebook Sneak Preview” to show off its goodies and to get visitor feedback. The admins added five pictures of the new look and are looking for comments on the proposed changes.

So what exactly should we expect in the near future?
* A new message inbox, de-cluttered an streamlined
* Shorter personal mini-feeds, incorporated right below a person’s basic info
* A different layout for the menu page, with changes to the left bar and top bar links
* A generic page for each network featuring goings-on and statistics

The group does not mention when Facebook will implement the changes, but it seems the changes are in their final tweaking stage. We’re really excited about the network page–stalking will never be easier.

If you have other feedback for Facebook, send your comments through Customer Support. Let them know it’s time to bring sexyback.

Facebook Sneak Preview [Facebook Group]

We may be living the good life on our own spring break playgrounds (i.e. the beaches of Mexico and/or Florida), but Berkeley’s got a playground all of its own. And it took the Chron about a year and a half to notice.

Back in October of 2005, the Daily Cal published an article on the Adventure Playground at Berkeley Marina. We said, “Let there be playground.” And there was playground. And it was good.

But the Chron decided to do something better: adorable pictures of children. We’re not exactly kid-friendly, but seriously, how can you deny your instinct to breed when you see the cutest child ever? Get to the fornicating already.

The Adventure Playground lets kids make their own playground. Kids get to paint, hammer and saw to their little heart’s content (under supervision of course).

As one parent stated, “this is very Berkeley.” The playground recycles items–such as boats, ropes, tires and pianos–into play equipment and crazy-colored forts.

These kinds of playgrounds first appeared in Europe after World War II. Around 1,000 still exist. In the 1970s, the height of their popularity, the U.S. saw about 30 such playgrounds. Now, outside the Bay Area, there are only two remaining in Irvine and Hungtington Beach.

The playground is open Saturdays and Sundays, but in the summer it’s open every day. Adventure Playground will need more staff and is currently accepting applications. If you’re into carpentry and you love kids, then you may already have your summer job lined up for you. Get ready to kick every little punk’s ass at Red Rover.

‘Off-leash’ play area for kids [San Francisco Chronicle]

We interrupt your Jello shots to continue our orgy of “ASUCery“: We hope Student Action isn’t attached to its fingers because SQUELCH! Senate candidate Andy Morris is assuming the role of Jack Bauer for the upcoming election.

Morris launched his “The day of the ASUC election …” blog Saturday, offering a 24-style interpretation of his campaign. It’s been only three “24″ hours on the blog and Morris has already escaped a Student Action torture session, discovered a name-brand candidate machine, and now we’re waiting to see the outcome of a chalk-n-hairspray assault on SQUELCH headquarters.

From the first hour:

bq. The Following Takes Place between 7AM and 8AM… Andy Morris is being tortured by the Student Action slate. As they waste your student funds on their needlessly expensive torture devices (which not only aren’t as cool as just breaking someone’s thumb they’re also less painful and more “pc”) they constantly remind Morris that his “Constitutional Rights no longer apply”. Fortunately, Andy escapes, shoots his captors, and returns to SQUELCH! headquarters.

Too bad ASUC campaigns aren’t actually that exciting—there’s only so much chalk and handshake attempts we can take.

You’re Gunna Have to Trust Me! Andy “JACK BAUER” Morris for ASUC Senate [Facebook]

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, we’re on Spring Break now and what goes for the Daily Cal sort of goes for us, too. You can expect less frequent updates all this week!

It’s for your own good, really. You wouldn’t want lazy bloggers during the ASUC elections now would you? Maybe you’ll see us in Cabo, West Palm Beach, or on MTV. Then again, more likely not.

Now go get yourself a drink and start the fun.

Now that midterms are over and spring break has sprung (and perhaps something in your pants too), you’re looking to kick back. Last weekend we gave you three smokin’ bachelors. It’s time to up the ante.

You may want to change your spring break plans once you see our line-up of the best of Craigslist’s casual encounters. This weekend Berkeley’s hosting an orgy of abs, threesomes and burgers. Pictures included.

If you’re looking to satisfy your sexual appetite, BurgerBoy’s got your back. He wants to tap it “from behind (either hole of preference)” and stuff you silly. He’s going “to slide a burger or something underneath you and have you eat it while being pounded from behind.” It gives a whole new meaning to quarter pounder.

Then there are those who don’t quite understand the purpose of the casual encounters section. It’s for boning, mmkay? One Berkeley student (who’s surprisingly “NOT an engineer or MCB thing”) has the room to himself tonight. He doesn’t want to get too frisky:

Not thinking sex though!!! Maybe moooooooooovie and sillyness?

And his picture?

What the fuck is that?It’s just not sexy enough. Or at all. But this next classy couple (yes, we said couple) gets our motors a-runnin’. They seem smart, sexy, and confident. Just check out these great tits:

It gets hotter. (And more desperate.) Don’t believe us? Try Mr. Washboard, who allegedly hasn’t “cum in about 2 weeks.” He also posted at least three times this week–here are the second and third posts. No one’s taking him up on his offer, but we can’t see why not.

Interested? This guy has the full package (we hope). He’s been busy

trying out new health products (herbs, vitamins, supplements.. all natural) that apparently increase circulation to the testicles, resulting in higher yields of semen, thicker cum, more potent.

Plus he’s “been drinking plenty of pineapple juice.” So if you like (ahem) “piña colada” and getting caught in the “rain,” write to him and escape.

Casual Encounters [Craigslist Personals]

We introduced you to the ASUC presidential hopefuls of 2007. There were thousands of Facebook friends, that hot gay guy and then the other dude who’s “not a douchebag.” This is ASUC at its finest, folks.

We hope you’re ready for the rest of the executive slate. These people are going to bombard you with flyers and chalk your neighborhoods. You might as well know their names (and then stalk them on Facebook). Perhaps you’ll even add Ilana Nankin as your friend.

Let’s start with the powerhouse party Student Action. You’ll be seeing these candidates’ heads on huge posters everywhere post-Spring Break. Oh God, we can’t wait.
* Presidential Candidate: Ilana Nankin, current Student Action senator
* Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: Eunice Moon, current Student Action senator
* Academic Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Curtis Lee, current Student Action senator
* External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Dwight Asuncion, current APPLE Engineering senator

Then there’s CalSERVE, which announced its executive slate way in advance. DONE. Wait–sorry, wrong party slogan.
* Presidential Candidate: Van Nguyen, current CalSERVE senator
* Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: Taylor Allbright, current CalSERVE senator
* Academic Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Caro Jauregui, current CalSERVE senator
* External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Danny Montes, CalSERVE issues coordinator

SQUELCH! comes next, and its slate features a Daily Cal columnist. We swear we’re completely unbiased. But if he, too, took his clothes off for a photoshoot…then we might bend the rules.
* Presidential Candidate: Joe Rothberg, SQUELCH! party member
* Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: David Wasserman, current SQUELCH! senator
* Academic Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: John O’Connor, SQUELCH! party co-signatory
* External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: John Waste, SQUELCH! party member

Finally, we’ve got fellow blogger Beetle in a category all of his own. He’s going to put the “slay” in executive slate. Just you wait and see.
* Presidential Candidate: Justin Azadivar
* Executive Vice Presidential Candidate: Justin Azadivar
* Academic Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Justin Azadivar
* External Affairs Vice Presidential Candidate: Justin Azadivar

Welcome to the jungle of student politics. The Clog’s got your fun and games.

Parties Put Forth Slates for Upcoming ASUC Elections [Daily Cal]

Everyone wants a piece of the ASUC elections pie. 92510, an East Bay Express blog, spreads Cal’s election woes to the Bay Area using a quote from the Catalytic Triad in its headline: “Cal Elections Emit ‘A Vile Scent of Deception.’” 92510 steps around the issue of election politicking, possibly due to its removed naivety, so let us clarify. It will get ugly. You have no idea.

92510 is somewhat offended that one would mock the number of Facebook friends Ilana Nankin has rather than make fun of one of the men running:

bq. Well, Chris [Catalytic Triad author], how about lambasting one of the guys instead?

Do they need more bread and butter? We say let them eat cake.

Still, it seems there’s too much penis in the politics for 92510. We guess the vibrator-racers of SQUELCH! aren’t vagina-friendly enough.

Then there’s more hating and they link to candidate Justin Azadivar’s Beetle Beat without mentioning that he is running himself, kind of.

In any case, it’s amusing to see elections get attention outside of Cal, although one might wish the campus’s better face to get the limelight instead. Actually, scratch that. ASUC elections are the soap operas of student life, and oh, we friggin’ love to hate them.

If the information is correct, it appears that one of the following will be representing YOU as ASUC president next year. We’ve taken the occasion to point out some vital factors that will definitely affect “the issues” that rock the typical ASUC elections.

Travis Garcia (Independent) is that guy who was on the Daily Cal’s front page for starting the gay fraternity. We’re not sure how voting for him gets a lime in our Coronas, but the posters are an improvement for not having the word DONE anywhere on them. And then there’s the Web site, but that’ll have to wait.

Ilana Nankin (Student Action) is one of the most popular candidates with 1,724 very close friends at Berkeley. Her feet must be really tired from all the people she had to walk to class last year to earn her current senate seat. She is well within the Student Action safe space as a Greek.

Justin Azadivar (BEARS-United): A man who strives for a lot, Mr. Beetle Beat is running for all five executive seats simultaneously. But there’s more to it than a defunct party name and loads of ambition. An ardent follower of the Judicial Council, you bet he’ll make more suits this season than the Men’s Warehouse. With drama in the making, we’re all over the movie-rights possibilities.

Dimitri Garcia (Defend Affirmative Action Party): The second but no less Garcia on the ballot, he is also a current senator. We couldn’t find a DAAP Web site or even a decent Facebook group calling into question how strongly Dimitri Garcia truly believes his favorite quote:

bq. “To communicate with the youth, you must first learn their language.”

Eric Marshall (University Progress) is the greenest candidate we’ve seen in a while. Despite his political career launch via Facebook. Judging from his March Madness bracket percentage, he’s right about 70.83% of the time when the going is easy. That might be the best reason to vote for any candidate.

Joe Rothberg (SQUELCH!): There’s nothing worse than a SQUELCH! candidate that is serious about his or her campaign and/or isn’t funny in the process. But Rothberg’s consideration for the serious Solicitor General position in October revealed:

bq. He did not have any intention of actually attempting to be a Senator and he basically ran under the pretext that he had served in nine foreign wars and was a professional puppy saver from burning buildings, and just wanted the T-shirt.

As for this time around, we’re left to ponder: Is he or isn’t he?

Van Nguyen (CalSERVE) not only is the tallest member of the CalSERVE executive slate but also stands with a party that doesn’t update its website. Now imagine the ASUC not updating itself…its bylaws perhaps.

What better way to tell your lover “Let’s bone” than with the gift of a limited edition autographed poster immortalizing sexy at its lowest point in recorded history: when 100ish scary people got naked in the oak grove to have their picture taken.

That’s right. It’s been less than a week, but for a mere $50 (or $25 unsigned) you’ll be the proud owner of a 16 inch by 20 inch “Last Stand” poster that captures the perversion of sexy in the form of dozens of contorted naked people around and in the trees—signed by the atrocity’s mastermind, photographer Jack Gescheidt.

Perhaps the biggest question here: how is Gescheidt’s signature worth $25, especially since, to our chagrin, he didn’t even drop trou’ for shoot? Seriously, how does a person determine value of his or her own signature?

Gescheidt’s Web site doesn’t mention to where the proceeds are going, so we can’t help but wonder if the whole stunt was just a ploy to raise money to buy a new set of organic sustainable hemp sheets.

It was Cal’s 139th Birthday!!! One of the best days of the year!

There were free cupcakes on Sproul, blue and gold balloons everywhere and our friends at the UC Rally Committee trying to bolster everyone’s school spirit.

And what’s a huge party without hot dogs (and booze, but there wasn’t any booze)? So Rally Comm invited four of those kids from Stanfurd to challenge four Cal students in a hot dog-eating contest Takeru Kobayashi-style.

And we have to say that we’re pretty disappointed.

On the day that Cal celebrates its birthday, those Rally Commers lost the hot dog-eating contest to the Indians.

After four rounds, both universities were tied at 11.5 hot dogs each. The tiebreaker? Whoever can eat one hot dog the fastest.

Rally Comm sent in their person and lost (she’s the one holding the bottle in the picture above). And when the Stanfurdite was almost done with his hot dog, she ran over and tried to prevent him from eating the dog.

So, not only does Rally Comm suck at eating hot dogs (among other things), it also cheats.

As preservers of the Cal spirit, Rally Commers, you were expected to win on its charter day. Not lose a hot dog-eating contest.

Well, we guess that the Rally Commers were trying to help those Stanfurdites with their spirit, since it looks like hot dog-eating is the only thing in which the Cardinal can beat Cal.

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