The Clog loves women, so we’re all really excited that March, Women’s History Month, has finally arrived. Presently, the campus seems to be a flurry of activity, organizing around women’s and feminist issues.

The celebration of women’s history was originally just a week long, beginning in Sonoma County, California in 1978. But that was not enough woman for the States. (Mind you, there’s never enough woman.) By 1987, it had evolved to an entire month through Congress’s love of T&A. Feminism. We mean feminism.

The Pacific Film Archive is hosting a Women of Color film festival for the next weekish. The artists will be present at all screenings.
Saturday, March 3
7:30 – Corpus: A Home Movie for Selena
9:00 – The Devil Never Sleeps
Thursday March 8
7:30 – Gathering Strands
Saturday March 10
7:30 – Sidestepping the Eternal Repetition

Luna Fest is another film festival featuring shorts by, for and about women. The event will be held at Clark Kerr’s Krutch Theatre. It starts at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13. Admission is $4 for students.

Is that enough woman for you yet? No? We didn’t think so.

Did you read the Chron’s masterful piece “Diary of a Sex Slave”? Intrigued, perhaps? A panel has come together on campus to discuss more on sex trafficking. STOP (Sex Trafficking Obliteration Petition) starts at 7 p.m. on Thursday, March 8. It will be held in Heller Lounge.

Or, you know, you could always stay home with your “girlfriend” Betsy. Just don’t get too rough with her this time. It sucks having to blow her back up.

Women of Color Film Festival 2007 [UC Berkeley Pacific Film Archive]
Luna Fest 2007 [UC Berkeley Events]
STOP Panel Discussion [Facebook Event]

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