If you thought last week’s triple shot o’ police logs was just a passing fancy, guess again. Expect regular installments of the newly dubbed PoLo, of course contingent upon the availability of juicy entries.

So without further ado, here is Friday-Sunday—yet another productive crime weekend.

“Friday, March 9, 2007″:http://police.berkeley.edu/bulletins/03092007.htm

**3:30 a.m.**, _Piedmont Avenue and Bancroft Way: Officer speaks to 26-year-old male student about public intoxication and climbing trees._

First Oakgate, now this! We’re so over trees.

**11:04 a.m.**, _Lawrence Hall of Science parking lot: 34-year-old and 48-year-old females report theft of purses—including a black leather Coach—from their cars._

Who would have guessed that leaving a purse in a car would be its ticket to freedom?

**1:24 p.m.**, _2500 block of Haste Street: Male, 31, arrested on suspicion of heroin possession and violation of parole. Booked at county jail._

We hope this isn’t a sign that heroin is making a comeback on Southside. Believe it or not, dealers and users of the drug used to be a pretty common thing in the neighborhood (well before most current students came to Berkeley). Turn, turn, turn.

“Saturday, March 10, 2007″:http://police.berkeley.edu/bulletins/03102007.htm

**1:01 p.m.**, _Sign Post 18, Grizzly Peak Boulevard: Male, 48, victim of knife brandishing and vandalism to his vehicle by assailant riding a “cruising motorcycle,” wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket with “Rat Pack” on the back._

It’s almost comforting to know that motorcycle outlaws are alive and well, roaming the Berkeley-Oakland Hills.

“Sunday, March 11, 2007″:http://police.berkeley.edu/bulletins/03112007.htm

**12:25 a.m.**, _Haas Pavilion: Female UC Berkeley student, 18, cited on suspicion of being a minor in possession of false identification._

Why anyone would need a fake ID at Haas Pavilion at 12:25 a.m. is beyond us. Childrens …

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