It’s not even Spring Break yet and those Student Action peeps are already raring and ready to start a campaign bonanza. Please, spare us from the horror of ASUC election time. Can’t we just wait until April and pretend we’re normal people?

No? Shit.

They’re painting the town a nice cerulean and maize with their flyers, hitting up telephone poles, Wheeler, Dwinelle and Sproul Plaza. That’s pretty much everywhere (at least for humanities majors). And how many CalSERVE flyers have we seen? Two total. One was perhaps slightly covered by a Student Action. All right. DONE.

Oh, those SA folks are busy, busy bees. Look at all that they’ve done:

(Click the pic to see SA in all its glory.)

Funny, they seem to have forgotten all about last summer’s accomplishment. Chalkgate 2006: a beautiful rendition of hairspray, off Broadway. Well DONE, team.

Student Action [Official Site]

Chris Page said:
Mar 17, 2007 at 7:13 pm

I have seen several CalSERVE fliers. They were out a week before Student Action’s. It is hard to beat DONE fliers for misleading campaign information.

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