Oh, you like us. You really like us.

Well, maybe not you, but somebody does. Along with other members of the Daily Cal, the Clog will receive a Mark of Excellence award. We Cloggers have been honored in the category Best Affiliated Web site for our region. Cheers, thanks a lot.

The Society of Professional Journalists awards the Mark of Excellence to honor “the best in student journalism” in various regions of the country. Those who win first place in their region go on to the national competition in Washington. SPJ recently announced the regional winners in 39 categories. The organization has yet to announce the places (you know, first, second, third, and Awesome Almighty)—instead, we have to dance around excitedly until the awards ceremony.

SPJ distinguished a handful of the Daily Cal staff, particularly the sports section. The Clog shouts out a “wut it do” to the following OGs:
* Brian Bainum, Stephen Chen and Steven Durst for Online Sports Reporting in “Football: Cal at USC”
* Stephen Chen for Sports Column Writing in “Cal Football Columns”
* Amina Khan in Editorial Writing for “Intelligent Activism”
* Bryan Thomas in In-Depth Reporting for “Living on the Fault”

SPJ also distinguished the campus publication Ethsix in the category Best Student Magazine. Ethsix is a single issue magazine put forth by UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism and School of Social Work.

When it comes to judging the submissions, SPJ looks for ingenuity, journalistic standards, insight and creativity. Of course we at the Clog have all these, plus some superhero talents. Right now, for instance, we can totally see you naked. (OK, maybe we’re imagining you naked. Same difference.)

May 5, SPJ will hold the awards ceremony in Fullerton, California. There the presenters will announce the actual place awarded for each winner. Cross your fingers! We may bring home a pimp cup.


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