It was Cal’s 139th Birthday!!! One of the best days of the year!

There were free cupcakes on Sproul, blue and gold balloons everywhere and our friends at the UC Rally Committee trying to bolster everyone’s school spirit.

And what’s a huge party without hot dogs (and booze, but there wasn’t any booze)? So Rally Comm invited four of those kids from Stanfurd to challenge four Cal students in a hot dog-eating contest Takeru Kobayashi-style.

And we have to say that we’re pretty disappointed.

On the day that Cal celebrates its birthday, those Rally Commers lost the hot dog-eating contest to the Indians.

After four rounds, both universities were tied at 11.5 hot dogs each. The tiebreaker? Whoever can eat one hot dog the fastest.

Rally Comm sent in their person and lost (she’s the one holding the bottle in the picture above). And when the Stanfurdite was almost done with his hot dog, she ran over and tried to prevent him from eating the dog.

So, not only does Rally Comm suck at eating hot dogs (among other things), it also cheats.

As preservers of the Cal spirit, Rally Commers, you were expected to win on its charter day. Not lose a hot dog-eating contest.

Well, we guess that the Rally Commers were trying to help those Stanfurdites with their spirit, since it looks like hot dog-eating is the only thing in which the Cardinal can beat Cal.


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