Oakgate just won’t die. The Chron is reporting that UC police arrested an oak grove protester known as “Tree Otter” for allegedly trespassing and resisting arrest early this morning.

Athena Osborn was booked into Berkeley Jail and excluded from the campus for a week, according to the Chron. It is also unclear if Osborn will face any charges in connection with having a stupid-ass alias.

Details of the arrest are lacking, so it’s unclear if she did something more legally offensive than other tree sitters or perhaps this is just police drawing first blood for a final showdown. We wonder if this is retaliation for last month’s nude photo shoot, in which case kudos to the police for being on the side of sexy.

This latest development happened just a couple of days after UC police confiscated supplies and equipment from the protesters encampment, as reported in today’s Daily Cal.

Unfortunately for the tree sitters, things are going so well for them a mere four months into the madness, which is why they want student help.

“We need more student support,” said a tree-sitter who called himself Chewing Gum. “If students are in the trees the university can’t do anything about it. The students pay the bills.”

Chewing Gum and Tree Otter, now that’s a cute couple—save for the potential choking hazard.


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