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Election Countdown: Beetle Endorses and the Clog Awards

Posted By Christine Borden On Apr 8, 2007 @ 4:42 pm In News | Comments Disabled

Berkeley blogger Beetle (Justin Azadivar–ASUC candidate for everything) released his predictions for the ASUC elections along with his own personal endorsements. Do his endorsments even mean anything beyond the blogosphere? We don’t know, but we do know that he doesn’t even endorse himself.

Beetle picks Van Nguyen of CalSERVE for President, Taylor Allbright of CalSERVE for EVP, Ben Narodick of SQUELCH! for EAVP (even though he’s not running for this position) and Ajay Krishnamurthy for Student Advocate. He has “no fucking clue” for the office of AAVP. Hmm…Justin Azadivar, anyone?

The official Daily Cal endorsements don’t come out until Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with the senators now.

The Clog presents: Special Awards for Special Senators. Brought to you by Facebook stalking.

You may not win the election, senate candidates, but you’re all winners in our hearts.

Dude, You Need to Stop with the Videos Already
Nadir Shams, #56 – Indepedent. He lists NINE links under “Website.” And yes, we’ve all seen the “Numa” video.

We’re Not Even Sure You Exist Cuz We Couldn’t Find You on Facebook
Dimitri Garcia, #74 – DAAP. Angela Aguilar, #77 – DAAP. Falola Takapu, #78 – DAAP. Maryjane Castillo, #81 – DAAP. Ana Luz Acevedo-Cabrera, #83 – Student Action. Beverly Elithorp, #88 – Student Action. Ross Ligenfelder, #96 – Berkeley Squirrel Party. Kevin Heikin, #111 – SQUELCH!. Sarah Brennon, #114 – SQUELCH!. Daniel Galeon, #130 – CalSERVE.

We don’t understand.

You’re Taking Too Many Classes. Stop Showing off Already.
Maribeth Moore, #70 – UNITE Greek. SIX classes? Are you serious? And are those graduate classes we see? We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

Your Facebook Picture Makes Us Want to Take a Bite out of You
Gabe Weiner, #98 – SQUELCH!.

We’re just in the mood for weiners. Not Wang, not Narodick–just a nice juicy Weiner.

Gets Hyphy for Jesus
Edward Chow, #133 – CalSERVE. His Facebook status reads: “Edward is singing, ‘Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!’ cuz his homeboy is Risen from the dead.” We bet he had one helluva good Friday.

Best Only Music Video
Alex Mastrodonato, #137 – APPLE Engineering.

We didn’t like the original song to begin with, so we think your version is better by default. Even if you don’t win, we’re absolutely sure you’ll get a record deal. Have you, by any chance, heard of William Hung?

The BIEs! [Beetle Beat]

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