The ASUC elections are up and running, but all that work wasn’t easy. Nobody said politics was easy. (Just ask today’s selfless drum-banging, free ice-cream giving and water balloon throwing campaigners. It’s a dirty world out there, and somebody’s gotta race the vibrators.)

We haven’t seen any real scandals yet–no perjury or illegal chalking–but there were a few disturbances in the ASUC election machine.

On Wednesday, the Daily Cal reported on two issues brought to the Judicial Council the previous night.

Guillermo Murga, an independent senatorial candidate, filed against Jessica Wren, the Elections Council Chair. He alleged that he was treated unfairly because he missed a candidates’ meeting. He requested a delay of the elections to right some wrongs.

It was a no-go. The Daily Cal reports that Wren said

Murga could not prove that missing the meeting, not having an updated copy of the candidates’ guide and not being listed in the voters’ guide was a disadvantage to Murga’s campaign.

Oh! She’s feisty.

The Daily Cal also covered the hearing on the Student Life Fee referendum. (That’s the $12 one, FYI.) Vishal Gupta said the order of the referenda violated equal protection. He, too, wanted to postpone the elections.

The story states

While the order of the referenda on the ballot is chosen randomly, Gupta said that because the randomization placed the referenda in order from smallest to largest proposed fee hike, there was even more of a need to have the ballot re-ordered.

Apparently, for Gupta, it was random, but not random enough. The Judicial Council told him to cry a river, build a bridge and get over it.

Today, the Daily Cal covered yet another election-related oh-no-they-didn’t. Andy Kelley, a part of the ASUC Office of External Affairs, sent an email promoting CalSERVE to his friends…including the whole of Bowles Halls. Typically, campaign material is not permitted in the campus residence halls.

Wren gave him a slap on the wrist and that was all. The Judicial Council did not take action against him, but it could have held the mentioned CalSERVE candidates responsible.

We think she’s losing her zest, but perhaps she is resting up her mighty powers of justice for the inevitable election scandals to surface after everything’s said and done.

Voting continues tomorrow and ends at the stroke of midnight. Cast your vote, and let’s hope something really wet and juicy hits the fan.

Beetle said:
Apr 13, 2007 at 12:35 am

Just to make something clear, the Judicial Council could NOT have held the mentioned CalSERVE candidates responsible, which is why he just got a slap on the wrist.