The Elections Council ran the tabulation for the ASUC elections yesterday at 6:30 p.m. and released the preliminary results.

According to the initial tabulation, the winners are:
* President: Van Nguyen of CalSERVE
* Executive Vice President: Taylor Allbright of CalSERVE
* External Affairs Vice President: Danny Montes of CalSERVE
* Academic Affairs Vice President: Curtis Lee of Student Action
* Student Advocate: Ajay Krishnamurthy, independent

For the senate, Student Action won 10 seats, CalSERVE won six, SQUELCH! won one and Berkeley College Republicans won one. Two independents also won seats, with Nadir Shams receiving the most votes. Winne Kuo of APPLE Engineering and Danielle Duong of CalSERVE were also a part of the top three for senate.

Of the referenda and amendments, only the Green Initiative Fund and Line of Succession passed.

The results are not final, however. The Judicial Council will verify the tabulation and hear censure cases before finalizing the results.

The CalSERVE candidates and Krishnamurthy, unless tabulation went horribly wrong, have secured their spots. Curtis Lee, on the other hand, is currently facing eight potential censures. If he receives at least five, he will be disqualified. The candidate who earned the second-most votes would then take his place (if, of course, there’s no appeal).

Shams is also facing a massive amount of potential censures–up to 20. Again, if he receives at least five he too will be disqualified.

CalServe Shake-Up [Daily Cal]

Jim Fung said:
Apr 19, 2007 at 2:58 am

Hi, I think you should put up the full results like Beetle did on his blog including percentages for the referenda and all the candidates who won according to thepreliminary results. As is, your blog is essentially just a regurgitation of the article in the paper, aside from some info about disqualification.

Yay for CalSERVE, I’m so happy to see them back in power again bringing open, non-corrupt government and a progressive agenda to campus once more. First thing, hopefully they will stop Panda Express from coming to the Student Union building — it so doesn’t fit.

Jeff M. said:
Apr 19, 2007 at 4:39 pm

Yeah this post is definitely inferior to Beetle’s post