So you like the Clog, eh? Hate it even? Help make it better! We’re currently looking for new bloggers for the summer.

You’re reading the Clog. That’s a start. But what about your skillz (yes, with a “z”)? Do you have what it takes?
* A commitment to post at least 4x a week and to attend a weekly meeting
* Willingness to submit to copy and libel training
* Confident writing voice
* Humor and a tendency to be a tad bit critical
* Writing sans copy errors and libel
* Excellent judgment without much supervision

OK, so you’re pretty damn hot. Now let’s take it to the next level. Send an e-mail. Don’t be shy. Reply to the following by Tuesday, May 1. Hit us up at [email protected]

# What makes you so special? What can you bring to the team?
# What blogs do you read?
# Write two original sample Clog posts.
# What are your ideas for improving the Clog?

That’s it. Good luck, and we hope you don’t mind taking semi-naked pictures.


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