Internet powerhouse and UC Berkeley-Mountain View-campus Google held a day of competition for 120 brainiacs this weekend. Positioned as a rivalry between Stanford and Cal, Google pitted teams of students from each campus against each other for the coveted price of a Wii. No one was required to hold their wee and water was kept to reasonable levels:

bq. “We’re kind of burning up,” said Berkeley junior Kevin Davis, “especially after running around to get all the Lego pieces.”

In one event, students were asked to build aesthetically pleasing yet structurally strong Lego bridges in limited time. For some, it was a success, but for others water did them in:

bq. “Our bridge fell under troubled water,” quipped Kayuon Beykpour, a Stanford freshman. “We had a good concept, but we didn’t have enough time.”

Standford won overall, but later privately admitted that they still suck.

College kids get a fast blast of Google culture [Mercury News]


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