The California College Media Association recently announced the winners for over 30 categories in media publication for California colleges. The Daily Cal (and even the Clog, motherfuckers) won awards in 12 different categories.

The Clog placed third for “Best Breaking News Online,” under USC’s and Santa Clara University’s It must have been for our Craigslist sleuthing, no doubt about it. Let’s hear a nice, hearty golf clap. Good show, old chap.

So now you’re wondering how awesomely the rest of the Daily Cal scored. We’re glad you asked. Massive snaps to the following:

* No. 2, General Newspaper Excellence: Daily Cal
* No. 1, Best Special Section: Daily Cal
* No. 1, Best Headline Portfolio: Theresa Johnson (she totally waved to us today)
* No. 2, Best Headline Portfolio: Alia Salim
* No. 2, Best Illustration: Ian Cheng
* No. 1, Best Cartoon: Brad Aldridge
* No. 3, Best Cartoon, Deana Sobel
* No. 1, Best Sports-Page Design: Nancy Yao
* No. 1, Best News-Page Design: Joyce Lee
* Honorable Mention, Best Photo Illustration: Skyler Reid
* Honorable Mention, Best Features Photograph: Athena Azavedo
* No. 1, Best Sports Photograph: Linda Zhu
* No. 1, Best Arts & Entertainment Review: Stephanie Lee

And you thought we all sucked.

THe CCMA website says

Newspaper entries were judged by the Orange County Register, San Jose Mercury News, Fresno Bee and Sacramento Bee. Online entries were judged by the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, and magazine entries were judged by LA Weekly.

Supposedly the judges commented on many of the entries, but their comments aren’t up on the site yet.

USC and SDSU also snagged a bunch of honors, with USC boasting top spots in the sports categories.

But never you mind that.

Winners at California College Media Association [CCMA]

m said:
Apr 29, 2007 at 6:25 pm

deana placed at no. 3, not no. 2

Ben said:
Apr 29, 2007 at 6:33 pm

What about the sudoku and crossword sections? Clearly the most popular on campus…

anonymous said:
Apr 29, 2007 at 10:45 pm

the other papers must be beyond horrible if the daily cal got any recognition other than what was said about them in squelch