Things are looking good for our favorite West Berkeley eatery, 900 Grayson.

A couple months ago, we reported that Grayson was producing delicious brunch despite the loss of its chef while facing hurdles from the city in its quest to extend its hours for dinner.

But after having yet another delicious Saturday brunch there today, we learned form one of the proprietors that the restaurant hopes to open for dinner in June.

We also couldn’t help but notice Councilmember Linda Maio’s presence yet again at 900 Grayson, eating at the same table at which we saw her two months ago.

The Clog applauds Maio’s excellent taste, which we’re pretty sure doesn’t hurt Grayson’s dinner prospects.

We’ll keep you apprised of any new Grayson dinner developments.

As much as we wanted Marshawn Lynch to pair up with our Golden Boy, Aaron Rodgers, in Green Bay, we’re still happy to see Lynch going to the Bills.

With the 12th pick in this years draft, Lynch was selected by Buffalo.

It would have been great to see Rodgers and Lynch in the same backfield again, but the Bills got to Lynch first. And it’s probably a perfect fit with the Bills for Marshawn.

It was a pretty simple pick for Buffalo. Willis McGahee is gone. They have a young quarterback in J.P. Losman, and they had a gaping hole at running. Plug Marshawn in and he can do everything for you. He can catch the ball out of the backfield. He can carry the ball 30 times a game. He’s a nice pressure release for Losman and the Bills. Expect him to get immediate playing time.

Oh, and another plus. The general manager of the Bills is none other than former Cal coach Marv Levy.

Yeah, so you don’t think that he’s going to grab Lynch – a now former Bears? Looks like the Old Blues look out for other Old Blues.

Our question is, does Marshawn get to drive the medical carts after games in Buffalo?

Willis McGahee Is Easily Replaced [Deadspin]

We love getting fingered.

Let’s dwell on that for a second. Oh yes.

Yes, it’s Friday and time see what the sexual deviants on Craigslist are up to.

This week, we’re happy to say, people are playing it safe—which leads us back to our original point: fingering.

“Mr. Clean”: gets right to point in his subject. He wants to finger you (preferably a lady) with a latex glove. But he’s a gentleman, suggesting coffee first. The first cup is on us.

For those of you into the whole sanitation thing but feeling a bit gayer, a “Hang Loose”: couple wants to pay a man to help them clean their pad tomorrow. And don’t think this means an afternoon in the center of a manwich.

bq. We will be cleaning and organizing with you, not just watching. Please be well groomed, chill, dog, music and 420 friendly. pic would be most helpful to establish comfort level. not looking for sex or nude cleaning (dont cleaning supplies get all over your junk???) or anything like that but a sexy guy helping us out wouldnt be a too shabby.

But if you’re like us, getting dirty is the way to go. For the ladies who are itching for a case of scurvy, “Capt. Bone”: wants to “get HIGH and FUCK like PIRATES.”

He’s pretty hardcore. This pirate can’t go from saying “I’m too and hot” to “mildly artsy and and [sic] cool as fuck” without injecting an “arrrgghh.” Naturally he beckons you to walk his plank not with “come,” but, oh, wait for it, “cum”!

Damn, that witty wordplay damn near made us spray our grog everywhere.

Casual Encounters [Craigslist Personals]
Earlier: Casual Fridays: 4/20 Sees High Times, Lower Standards

We don’t know who made this, but it’s great. We mean, Facebook = great.

And this video knows its shit: “It’s on Facebook, so it’s official.” Isn’t that how we all live our lives?

Anybody walking by Dwinelle Hall today would have seen the bright yellow police tape around the redwoods. These trees near Sather Gate and Stawberry Creek are still the home of a few tree sitters protesting various things, among them the UC deal with British Petroleum.

On Thursday, the Daily Cal reported two UC Berkeley students descending from the trees, but that’s not all, folks.

Today, about 3 p.m., there was much ado about something. A long metal ladder was perched against the occupied redwood, and two police officers stood by in the taped-off area. They were later joined by a couple more officers. An important-looking man in a gray suit paced from the white truck to the edge of the tape. He kinda scared us. Outside the perimeter, two more officers walked by, one on his radio describing his location.

Don’t people have better things to do than sit in trees?

We hurriedly snapped some pictures while students coming from class speculated the hullabaloo. We apologize for their suckage. We left our wide-angle lens at home.

If you click on them, you might be able to make out some officers, trees, a truck and (if you squint really well) a ladder.

Though we aren’t all tree sitters, the hubbub does coincide with a recent vote in the ASUC Senate about the BP deal. The senators called for

bq. a thorough and ongoing external review by experts who have considerable professional and academic expertise in the fields of ethics, intellectual property rights, public-private conflicts of interest, and the social and environmental impacts of the proposed research.

Last week, faculty members of the Academic Senate voted against such review.

This we garner from the Berkeley Daily Planet. We guess somebody’s got to cover news of the goings-on in Eshleman.

UC Student Senate Urges Caution on BP Contract [Berkeley Daily Planet]

Today students lined up to get tickets for Jimmy Carter’s appearance at the Zellerbach on May 2. We snapped this picture from the Daily Cal office about 1:10 p.m. today. The Zellerbach box office opened at 10 a.m to what looks like a pantload of interested students. That’s some draw for a guy who started out as a peanut farmer.

Zachary RunningWolf was in fine form today. About 11:50 a.m., we spotted him on Sproul Plaza waiting for some food. RunningWolf was quite chic—he was sporting double French braids that made great use of his graying locks.

Tiny people were running amok near the Campanile about 12:30 p.m. Actually, they were children partaking in the festivities of Take Your Child to Work Day. There was a moon bounce, so we assume it was fun. We’re not sure. Children kinda scare us.

We previewed it Monday, and now a recap is in order. Here are the highlights and commentary on the amazing John Amaechi talk

  • If it weren’t for his British accent and his drinking a large cup of tea, we’d be scared shitless of Amaechi. He’s fucking huge.
  • The lecture begins with a video on LGBT athletes and their double lives. Interesting stuff, but it can’t hold a candle to the entertainment value of the IBM promo that follows it. Did you know that IBM is the most gay-friendly multinational computer technology company? We didn’t.
  • Damn, J.A. moves around a hell-load for a 6-10, 325-pound dude. We tried taking a good picture of the man, but he’s just too damned peripatetic.
  • J.A. is blessed with that stereotypical British speaking ability. We as Americans are obligated to worship Brit elocution skills. For example, the Clog didn’t even want to use the word elocution in that sentence. Some lord-of-the-lexicon limey convinced us that it was better than inventing the word talkability or calling him a cunning linguist.
  • He has interesting thoughts on the incongruence of being a gay pro athlete, but has no comments on the incongruence of being an athlete who uses the words like incongruence.
  • That’s actually bullshit. Amaechi does talk about the incongruence of being a well-spoken athlete. We’ll put our snide aside for one second just to say that Amaechi is a hilarious, yet thought-provoking speaker.
  • He states the obvious, saying, “Tim Hardaway is an idiot.” That one gets a huge crowd response. We are now all united in our hatred of the T in Run TMC.
  • Just like we sort of said in our preview, Amaechi makes the point that athletes can’t handle his gayness because “they don’t want their own gay activities highlighted.” Hell yea, Amaechi agrees with the Clog. We must be doing something right.
  • By the way, J.A. dishes some interesting gayish NBA locker room activities. The best ones are toenail painting and co-reading magazines naked, or “ass-cheek-to-ass-cheek” as Amaechi calls it. For once, we’re speechless.
  • And we’ve regained our voice. But we’re exhausted. Amaechi held court for over two hours, pontificating on everything from Don’t ask, don’t tell to macho advertisements. The dude clearly loves the academic setting. Here’s to hoping he becomes Berkeley’s most physically imposing prof.

  • There have been a few trends this week that are so egregious, the Clog is taking it upon itself to make you a better bear.

    Today, the Clog noticed multiple students wearing Cal crocs. As the foremost footwear-named publication on campus (come write for us), please believe us when we say that as addictive as they are to wear, just say no.

    But the alarming trends do not stop there. Berkeley is apparently totally into stealing the intellectual property of flash mobs. Instead of coming up with their own moneymaker, some students recently decided to reflash the ninja scene.

    Didn’t that look a lot like this video from January:

    We can only hope that there will be better trends at this weekend’s annual Fashion and Student Trends fashion show. Facebook says more than 300 people are going.

    We at the Clog are big proponents of technology, especially when it allows us to make asses of ourselves.

    So when the G-Tech iPod-Enabled Messenger Bag with built-in speaker arrived recently for our reviewing pleasure, our task became immediately clear: walk through Sproul Plaza while blasting Peaches’ “Fuck the Pain Away.”

    Sadly, as you can see in the video, our display of hubris did not seem to warrant a second glance from the masses on Sproul. The bag’s volume just isn’t enough for a bustling plaza.

    That’s a bit of a deal breaker for us, but for the sake of others we’ll give you a more conventional analysis.

    h1. The What What

    With a list price of $129, the bag merges a messenger bag with a battery-powered speaker, allowing you to haul around your shit and get your groove on. It has a variety of pockets and compartments, including ones for an iPod, laptop and cell phone. The bag features a special iPod control within the strap made from some crazy touch-sensitive fabric. Sounds sexy.

    h2. The Fresh Factor

    At first glance, it looks like your typical nylon messenger bag—resembling a tricked-out Timbuk2. Brown, tan with red trim, our model had a pretty fresh appearance. It’s got a shit load of pockets and things, which make it a little busy-looking, but some may like that. The only thing that suggests something a bit different is the controller built into the strap, which looks a little dorky. While we think there are some other bags that are a bit more fly, this one still comes out a winner.

    But let’s face it, you’re not shelling out $129 just for the bag. The whole point of this thing is so you can use your bag as a music player.

    h3. The How It Do

    Inside the main compartment is both a stereo mini-plug that can go into almost any portable audio source—MP3 player, laptop, CD player, etc. It also has a iPod dock connector, which connects to the in-stap control unit. The connections are fairly straight forward, and there’s a nice little pouch for an iPod. That’s fine and dandy, but the cable situation is a little chaotic for iPods since most have their dock connectors and headphone jacks on opposite sides.

    The speaker is hidden under a flap in front, powered by three AA batteries and easily activated by a little switch. Once that’s on, you’re ready to party. Theoretically you can use the controls on the strap, which allow for pause, play and track navigation. But we found them pretty unreliable, often just not responding. We found ourselves doing all the controlling on the iPod itself. Assuming the controls did work, they’re probably best suited for shuffle or a playlist.

    As far as the sound is concerned, it’s pretty disappointing. Both insufficiently loud and of poor quality, the speaker is about what you’d expect for something imbedded in a messenger bag.

    h4. Word to Your Mother

    This bag is a cool idea, but it’s more of a novelty than anything else. While a competent and sort of cool looking messenger bag, the whole audio portion of it is pretty disappointing both in terms of speaker quality and flaky controls. Since that’s the whole point of this beast, we’d have a hard time recommending it unless you have a strong urge make your own elevator music.

    We give it a C+.

    Berkeley housing can be really sucky. The Daily Cal reports that–surprise, surprise–residence halls suck the most.

    We think this picture makes the typical Unit double look waaay bigger than the dime of moving space it really has.+ Then again, we lived in a triple. Even our ceiling space was cramped.

    Costs are rising for university housing. Sure, inflation’s normal, but when you’re raising an $11,970 Unit double by almost 5 percent, it fucking hurts. Even when Crossroads is all you can eat (and all you can steal if you’re stealthy).

    Berkeley already has the most expensive housing in the nation, according to a 2006 BusinessWeek report. This increase, however, is not just for the hell of it. Construction is a bitch, and somebody (i.e. the student) has to pay.

    For next school year, the Residential and Student Service Program projects room and board for a Unit double to be $12,555. Want a Clark Kerr single in a suite? Expect to pay $15,600. You could get a pretty sweet apartment for that price.

    Or look at the co-ops. For next year, the University Student Cooperative Association will increase room and board by less than 2 percent to cover inflation. The total cost for will be $3,048 for one semester or $6,096 for the whole school year.

    Co-ops may have stinky, dirty hippies, but damn the price looks mighty clean.

    Housing Costs May Rise Again [Daily Cal]

    + Clog expertise suggests that this photo was shot with a wide-angle lens, which can make spaces seem bigger than they actually are. It also makes the subject look kinda sad and awfully alone.++

    ++ We like the polar bears.

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