*Leading Off…It’s a Four-Peat!*In the pantheon of Cal sports no one team has ever been as dominant as the rugby team, especially when you look at it in this era of Bears sports.Sure, the current teams consistently place in the top 25, save for a couple. Sure, the current teams make deep postseason runs. But not one team is as dominant as Jack Clark’s rugby team.Evidence? When you’ve just won your fourth national title in a row and defeated both opponents in the final four by a combined score of 100-38, we’re going to say that’s just pure dominance.By the way, it was also the 23rd championship for this rugby team. No other team on this campus has more than 15.*Who is this Cal baseball team? Part II*Last week, we pondered whether or not Esquer’s Bears were En Fuego.Well, they were, until they dropped yet another game to San Francisco (it’s the Dons guys, not the Giants. We’re sure you can beat USF eventually). To make matters worse, Cal dropped the first two games of its series against fUCLA.But then those Bears that were En Fuego returned Sunday, as Cal blasted the Small Dickless Bears 16-0. We have to ask, will the real Cal baseball team please standup?*Bears Finish MPSFs in Fourth*Not all teams saw success last weekend. The Cal lacrosse team (the women mind you, the men’s team is merely a club team, not too important), lost its semifinal and then its third-place game by one goal each.It seemed like the Bears couldn’t recovered from the midseason mini-collapse it had, going against some of the best teams in the country. But then again, we guess the best teams do recover from midseason collapses or just don’t have them.*Cal Second Place in Director’s Cup*Well, we knew this day was going to come. Last fall, the Cal Athletic Department found itself in first-place in the Director’s Cup.What’s the Director’s Cup? It’s a way to measure which school’s athletic program is the best in the country, and last fall, after a top 15 finish in football and a national championship in water polo, the Bears were in first place for the first time ever.But then Stanfurd, which has won the Director’s Cup every year for the last 12 years, reared it’s ugly head again and now sits atop the Director’s Cup standings after the winter season. But not to worry, the Bears are right there in second, over 200 points off the lead (which is a lot).*Warriors Mania*Golden State starts its second-round series with the Utah Jazz (we still don’t get why they’re called the Jazz) today in the SLC.Our big question: Will the Warriors be able to use it’s athleticism against the Jazz the same way they used it to beat the Mavs?*Golden Bears*_1) The Ruggers_For the seniors on the team, that’s an entire career with only being called National Champs._2) Jack Clark – Rugby_Best coach on this campus. Period._3) Chase Brogan – Rugby_The team captain led the way for this national championship, scoring to bust the game wide open.

werwer said:
May 7, 2007 at 11:01 am

they used to be the new orleans jazz, smartie. that’s why.