We’re a long 115 days away before Cal hosts Tennessee, but for some reason people love to start talking about college football.

There are post-spring rankings from SI.com. There’s prediction of who’s going to finish where. There’s even people hating on the Big Ten already. This comes from all around, even from some newspaper in Tucson, Ariz.

Some guy at The Tucson Citizen has predicted (predictably) that USuC will finish as the regular season Pac-10 champs. Snore.

This guy also has the Bears finishing second, followed by fUCLA, Arizona State (what?!) and Oregon State (really?!).

He does have good point concerning the Small Dickless Bears.

bq. The Bruins have the talent and experience to be second, but if it’s a close call between Cal coach Jeff Tedford and UCLA coach Karl Dorrell, the benefit of the doubt goes to the Bears.

So we’re not the only one’s that think Tedford is way better than Dorrell. Like, way better.

He also says that if you take the Bears’ offense and pair it with the fUCLA defense then you get USC.

That’s a slap to the face if we’ve ever seen one.

Gimino: Chasing the Trojans [Tucson Citizen]

Rick said:
May 9, 2007 at 7:58 pm

No question, it will be USC followed by Cal, even though I wouldn’t mind seeing that order turned around this year. Don’t be surprised to see the Beavs in third place again though. Their OLine, running game, and defense is going to be rock solid. The biggest question mark is going to be at QB, and whether or not Canfield will be able to rise to the occasion. We’ll have to see. Special teams should also see improvement. All in all, they finish out ahead of fUCLA.