“We’ve already said” what we think DeVon Hardin should do concerning this year’s NBA Draft.

If he’s not going to go in the first round, he better stay at Cal. Hardin should stay in school, refine his skills and maybe add some skills offensively next year, and we assure you that he’ll be a first rounder next year.

He’s great defensively, but with the ball on offense, well, let’s just not think about Hardin with the ball just yet.

Beyond the Arc—a college basketball blog on MSNBC.com— “agrees with us” and ranked Hardin as the No. 7 center in this year’s draft. At least he made the top 10.

bq. No. 7: DeVon Hardin
A stress fracture in his right foot ended Hardin’s season in December, which is one of the reasons he’s below (Aaron) Gray. When healthy, he’s a good rebounder and shot blocker and scores off dunks and hustle plays. (Read: bad offensively.) I’m hoping he returns to school to work on his game.

We’re hoping too. As for the question of getting drafted this year, draftexpress.com, another blog devoted to the NBA, “doesn’t even have Hardin on their board” … anywhere. Not even in the second round.

Well, Hardin’s got a month before he has to withdraw his name. The deadline is 10 days before the NBA Draft, which will be held on June 28 this year. Let’s all hope he makes the right choice.

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